Tonight: Elvis Dumervil puts those long arms to use at 8 Rivers

Elvis Dumervil, the Denver Broncos sacking machine who will be a starter in the 2010 Pro Bowl, puts those long arms to use from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight at 8 Rivers, where he'll be bartending to help raise money for Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, a group he's been working with for the past eighteen months.

"This is a special organization," says Dumervil. "It's important to come out to let the kids know we care about them." We need to show that we care about the community and about our future."

And if you also happen to care about your drinks, "Elvis makes a mean Dirty Mojito!" insists executive chef Scott Durrah, who owns the Caribbean restaurant at 1550 Blake Street with his wife, Wanda James.

All tips and donations during Dumervil's shift will go to Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives, the group started by the Reverend Leon Kelly; for background on the group, click here.

For more information on the restaurant, call 303-623-3422 or go to

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