Tonight: The Denver Five converge at Elway's for a "partio"

The Denver Five: Keegan Gerhard, Troy Guard, Matt Selby, Jamey Fader and Tyler Wiard
The Denver Five: Keegan Gerhard, Troy Guard, Matt Selby, Jamey Fader and Tyler Wiard

The Denver Five -- Tyler Wiard, Keegan Gerhard (D Bar Desserts), Troy Guard (TAG), Matt Selby (Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben's) and Jamey Fader (Lola and Big Red F Restaurant Group) will convene tonight at Elway's Cherry Creek, 2500 East First Avenue, Wiard's home turf, for the fourth in a series of five blowout dinners.

The multi-course food fest, paired with Australian wines, will unfold on Elway's covered, heated patio, which, according to Wiard, makes it a "partio." That works for us. If you want to ham it up with Wiard and the rest of the Denver Five -- a crew of local chefs who cooked together at the James Beard House and now take turns sabotaging making food wizardry in each other's kitchens -- call 303-399-5353.

Tickets are $50 per person; a sneak peek of the menu follows after the jump.

Chef: Tyler Wiard

Menu: Hollandaise potato-crusted arctic char with golden arctic char caviar

Red chile-braised Colorado goat with Haystack Mountain goat cheese sopes and green chile salsa

Roasted Prime beef tenderloin with black truffle risotto cakes and king crab and duck egg salad

Chef: Troy Guard

Food: Veal cheek soup dumpling with caramelized shallots, Gruyere fondue and petite arugula

Thai style venison salad with green papaya, haricot vert, Gala apples and roasted chile peanuts

Chimichurri charred ahi tuna

Cassoulet with duck fat crouton and myoga salad

Chef: Matt Selby

Food: Vanilla bean poached lobster with minted yellow tomato cocktail sauce

Parsley sofrito pulled pork tostada with pistachios, chocolate port mole and queso cotija

Chef: Jamey Fader

Food: Burnt orange habanero duck tacos with carrot slaw and queso cotija

Crispy snapper arepas with salted lemon, creamy avocado and fennel pickles

Pastry chef: Keegan Gerhard

Food: Sugar

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