Trailer Park Mimosa

When I walk into a bar, I always ask the bartender for his or her specialty drink. This is the equivalent of asking a waiter to suggest the best thing on the menu, and most of the time, the tactic results in a very good cocktail. At a divier locale, though, the question is usually met with a dirty look and the answer "A shot of Jack." But when I stopped by Streets of London -- one of the friendliest bars not just on Colfax Avenue, but on any street in Denver (and maybe England, too) -- bartendress Emily came out swinging. Her first suggestion was the Trailer Park Mimosa, which combines two of America's perennial favorites -- Pabst Blue Ribbon and orange juice -- in a pint glass, for the rock-bottom price of $2. I can imagine drinking this strangely delightful combination in any park, be it trailer, city or national. Emily followed up her initial recommendation with the Promise Snapper ($5.50), a shot made with PAMA Liqueur, Stoli Cranberi, a splash of cranberry juice and Roaring Lion energy drink. One of the trendiest liqueurs, PAMA contains premium vodka, a smidge of imported tequila and pomegranate juice -- newly popular because of its alleged free-radical protection, not to mention its sweet, tart flavor. With the added boost of an energy drink, the Promise Snapper will keep you up long enough to break a few vows.


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