Video: The challenging business of urban farming

Westword's Anthony Martin visited two urban farms and Denver Urban Homesteading, a farmer's market in the heart of Santa Fe Boulevard's warehouse district, and talked to farmers and retailers attempting to make a living from reclaimed land, small spaces and a Denver client base looking for alternatives to industrially produced vegetables, dairy and meat.

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Video: The challenging business of urban farming

It's not just suburban farms like Clear Creek Organics (which Mark Antonation recently visited) in Wheatridge; farmers are sowing seed in neighborhoods within Denver city limits. Plots of land like Feed Denver Urban Farms and Markets and Sunnyside Farms grow the food and often sell it themselves. Others rely on established farmers markets like Denver Urban Farmsteading, which in addition to selling a wide range of veggies, meats, honey and dairy, also offers classes on topics like gardening, beekeeping and raising goats in the city.

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