Wall Street Journal highlights "Rocky Mountain Haute Cuisine"

Frasca gets raves from the Wall Street Journal.
Frasca gets raves from the Wall Street Journal.

"Truffles and saffron edge out Red Zinger tea and granola in Boulder," reads the start of Raymond Sokolov's piece in the weekend Wall Street Journal. But what "used to be the "hippiest, dippiest town around" is now the site of a major "gastro-boom."

Sokolov proceeds to prove that theory with a round-up that serves up the Flagstaff House, "the grande dame of fine dining hereabouts" but still "no backwater of showy food" -- even though detractors might say otherwise. For "hipper, brisker culinary offerings, there's the Kitchen or Salt, Bradford Heap's new place; for a major meal, he recommends Black Cat's "bold but brilliantly tasty menu."

"And if that weren't enough for one mountain town," Sokolov adds, there's Frasca, where he attended one of the Monday night wine dinners and enjoyed "simply the best food we had in a splend few days in the best small city for great meals we know of in this country."

Frasca is having another wine dinner tonight; you'll find info here. For the complete WSJ story, click here.

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