What I'd be Drinkin'

What I'd be Drinkin'

Sunday morning, 9 a.m. I haven’t looked out my windows yet so I don’t know if it’s raining or if the sun’s out (the forecast yesterday called for sunny and 78 degrees, but it’s Colorado, so…). I need a drink.

Of course the liquor stores are closed, as they have been on Sundays since the dinosaurs were stomping around the purple mountain majesty. But not for much longer. On July 6 – and I’m marking the little squares off on my Denver Zoo calendar – that will change. On that glorious day, liquor stores will throw open their rusty doors to those of us who need seven-day-a-week service and turn what used to be early-morning-hangover-food-burrito runs into a hair-on-the-dog-vodka-and-tomato-juice runs!

Thank you very much Governor Ritter.

I need a drink. But I’m not drinking because I made the rookie mistake of failing to plan ahead -- an inglorious fate, especially over Memorial Day weekend. (Don’t worry, I have friends with fridges.) So I can only speculate on what I’d be drinkin’ if the liquor stores were open.

Bloody Marys and Mimosas come to mind immediately. But since it is Memorial Day weekend, I think I’d rather have a beer. Yup, that’s what I want. A beer that I can pop and nurse for breakfast, one that has five friends who will hang out with me as I slow cook some ribs on the grill and admire how tall my lawn grass has grown while the mower’s been out of gas.

It’s a bittersweet thought. Bitter now, sweet on July 6. Cheers. -- Jonathan Shikes


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