What's for dinner? Something affordable from Marczyk's

Marczyk Fine Foods, an acclaimed gourmet food store, offers a list of ten meals under $10 in this week's e-mail from the market.

Why is this important? Because most of the stuff at Marczyk's is really, really,


 good. And some of it is also cheap.

Keeping these tough economic times in mind, self-proclaimed "Queen Bee" Barbara Macfarlane (wife of Pete Marcyzk) went around the store with her notebook looking for affordable ideas. "People have been coming in asking for meals under $10," she told me. "I just wanted people to start thinking differently about how to put dinner together."
For example, when she made an omelet with Life in

Provence ratatouille (only $4.99) folded into it, she found it was "really freakin'

good." Other ideas in the newsletter -- the most popular item they've ever published, she reports -- include Cucina Viva Gnocchi ($3.99) and

Marczyk's  prepared pork green chile stew ($8.99 a quart). 

Marczyk Fine Foods is located at 770 East 17th Avenue. Read Jason Sheehan's recent assessment here; sign up to get the newsletter yourself by going to the market's website.

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