Where to Get Ten Cool Collaboration Fest Beers This Week

You can find two Cannonball Creek collabs at the brewery in Golden.
You can find two Cannonball Creek collabs at the brewery in Golden.
Cannonball Creek Facebook page

There were at least 85 different beers served Saturday at Collaboration Fest — so sadly, there was no way I could get to them all.  But I did try quite a few, and they were almost all good. Really good. In fact, one of the common themes I kept hearing from other people at the fest was how solid all of the beers were. Which is amazing, considering that most were experiments and had never been brewed before. The variety was amazing as well, and ran the gamut from light lagers and delicate saisons to kettle-sours, traditional sours and barrel-aged Belgians.

Tickets to this third annual event — co-hosted by the Colorado Brewers Guild and the Two Parts events company — sold out weeks ago, and a few of my favorites this year might be difficult, or impossible, to find anywhere else: the Barrel-Aged Mocha Imperial Stout from Weldwerks and Snowbank, for instance, or the barrel-aged Belgian Dubbel, which the Bakers' Brewery made with six other Summit County brewers. But those who couldn't get to Mile High Stadium this weekend can still get their hands on quite a few of the others that were served at Collaboration Fest. Here are some of the ones I liked, and where you can find them in metro Denver.

No Man's IPA
Cannonball Creek Brewing

This 6.2 percent ABV IPA was my favorite hoppy offering at this year's fest, which is unusual because it is a wheat beer. Brewed in collaboration with another hoppy beer specialist — Pizza Port, from Carlsbad, California — the beer features tropical American and New Zealand hop varieties.

Berry Dark Tart
Station 26 Brewing

This rich, sweet-yet-tart dark kettle sour, a collaboration with Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis, was made with winterberry tea, and was one of my favorite beers of the festival. Station 26 also brewed a standout IPA, called IPA Is Dead!, with Comrade and Cannonball Creek. These were tapped Friday at the brewery and will hopefully still be available when the brewery opens at 1 p.m. today. (IPA Is Dead should also be available at Cannonball Creek and at Comrade.)

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Cerebral Brewing Facebook page

Dreamy Thing
Cerebral Brewing

Cerebral worked with Our Mutual Friend Brewing to create Dreamy Thing, a Farmhouse Pale Ale brewed with Citra, Centennial and Sterling hops and then fermented with a house blend of a dozen Brettanomyces strains in stainless steel for more than three months. The result was crisp and light, but full of the classic barnyard flavor that comes from Brett, as well as a delicious hops burst. It goes on tap Tuesday at Cerebral.

To Helles and Back
Great Divide Brewing

Two versions of this lager were made, one at Great Divide Brewing and one at TRVE — the first time the brewery had produced a lager. Although very similar, the two versions of this full-flavored Helles were also slightly different — and since the line was one of the longest at Collaboration Fest, people must have liked both. Great Divide should still have it on tap, though it may be gone from TRVE.

The Fourth Estate brought the media together at Lost Highway.
The Fourth Estate brought the media together at Lost Highway.
Mountain Brew Facebook page

Fourth Estate Chocolate Stout
Lost Highway Brewing

The brainchild of Brewtally Insane bloggers Mark and Patti Robinson, this beer was cooked up by Lost Highway — with help from more than half a dozen beer writers, who were all on hand. A nail or two was certainly chipped that day. Loaded with chocolate, this beer tasted like rich hot chocolate — but cold. It should still be available at the brewery. Here's hoping for a second media collab next year.

Prost to Post Baltic Porter
Prost Brewing

This 8.5 percent ABV lager was a roasty knockout. The breweries used a blend of their favorite malts — Maris Otter, Special W, Perla Negra — along with roasted barley, flaked maize, pea flour, and Magnum and Willamette hops. It's also available at the Post Brewing in Lafayette, where it was brewed.

Keep reading for more beers.

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