White Sangria at Sketch

I love a challenge, and as soon as I saw the "limit 3 per customer" advisory on the menu for the Bar Sketch White Sangria ($7.50), I knew what I had to do. From the first sip, I knew I would not be taking on a traditional "sangria" made from wine, sugar, brandy, club soda and fruit. Sketch's version is closer to a Long Island sangria, since it's created with Three Olives Watermelon, Mango and (plain) Vodka, Cruzan 151 White Rum, 30-30 Tequila Blanco, peach schnapps, limoncello, Tunnel of Elms chardonnay and a splash of club soda. Oh, and let's not forget the pieces of pineapple, orange and mango that have been steeping in the alcohol mélange and taste like delicious, alcohol-filled fruit bombs. And bombed is exactly how I felt after drink two, but not too bombed to really scout out Sketch. Sean Yontz and Jesse Morreale of Mezcal and Tambien fame have added to their empire with this new wine bar in the old 1st Avenue Hotel, and brought on Charlie Master from the defunct Brix and Mel's on Sixth Avenue to be master of the bar. Sketch is hip, but not pure hipster; youthful, but not immature. As I contemplated having that third sangria, a friend ordered a Cherry Cordial Martini ($9) made with Three Olives Cherry and Chocolate vodkas, and Amarena Cherry syrup, garnished with El Rey Venezuelan chocolate. It was the liquid version of Yontz's delectable chocolate-and-cherry plate recently discussed on the Candy Girls blog, and made me forget all about the menu's challenge. For that night, anyway.


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