Wynkoop Brewing opens its taps to other microbreweries

Wynkoop Brewing opens its taps to other microbreweries

According to Wynkoop Brewing Company's spokesman Marty Jones, he's been charged with "stretching out the already wonderful beer culture," at the Wynkoop by "working closely with some other breweries, flying the flag a little higher."

What does all that actually mean? Just this: Starting today, Wynkoop will have a red tap handle at its downstairs bar that's dedicated to guest breweries and beers. First up is Great Divide's legendary Hibernation Ale, but check back at the 'Koop frequently to see what new and different brews they're pouring. "We get to show a little more love and affection to the brewing scene, and give our patrons a little extra treat," Jones notes. Sounds like a win/win!

Wynkoop is at 1634 18th Street; call 303-297-9999.

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