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7 years ago by Jason Heller
To a certain cross-section of Coloradans, Aaron Hobbs's scratchy, aching cry is the voice of a generation. As high-blown as that may sound, it's true: While plenty of local bands have come and gone over the past decade and a half, Hobbs's Small Dog Frenzy and Acrobat Down have stayed...
Best Of Winner

Best Indie-Rock Elder Statesman

Aaron Hobbs

Singer/guitarist Aaron Hobbs isn't any older than many musicians who started making their mark around town in the '90s. But his first band, Small Dog Frenzy, crafted an indie-rock racket that's undergone many reincarnations since, an unbroken string of excellence that includes the projects Acrobat Down, Hobbs NM and, currently,...

Critic's Choice

12 years ago by Jason Heller
Denver sometimes has severe amnesia when it comes to local music. Around the turn of the millennium, Acrobat Down was as hotly tipped and downright exciting as Colorado-grown outfits get. But since dissolving in 2001, its members have hovered relatively under the radar: Singer/guitarist Aaron Hobbs just recently assembled a...

Critic's Choice

12 years ago by Jason Heller
Local indie rockers doing the solo-acoustic thing are a dime a dozen right now. Good or bad, most of them tend to blur together into a blob of wistful strums and sad-sack sensitivity. Aaron Hobbs, aka Hobbs NM, doesn't really stray far from that equation. But where too many singer/songwriter...

Hit Pick

14 years ago by Laura Bond
"High concept" is a term that often connotes an overwrought art project -- something self-consciously deep or, worse, "important." But when affixed to Denver's Uphollow, the description celebrates the band's ability to cultivate new ideas through sound. In 1993, founders Ian O'Dougherty and Whit Sibley released Soundtrack to an Imaginary...


13 years ago by Michael Roberts
On the surface, writing totally objective local reviews for Westword would seem like an impossibility given the number of connections between the paper and the area scene. The two-man band called Blusom, which joins Centro-matic and the Royal We at the Larimer Lounge on Friday, September 26, is a case...

UMS Night One Travelogue: Hot White at Three Kings, Popwreck at Moe's Barbecue and more

6 years ago by Tom Murphy
UMS Travelogue, Night One 07.22.10 | Baker District, South Broadway The first day of the UMS festival, a Thursday, was what you might expect in terms of attendees -- mostly other people in bands or those who are clued into the fact that there is plenty of great music coming...

Moneyball shows a little warmth behind those cold, hard statistics

5 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
At the time of this writing, the Oakland Athletics sit at a distant third in the American League West, eighteen games behind the Texas Rangers managed by Ron Washington, once the first-base coach under A's wonderboy Billy Beane. The A's have not had a winning season since making the playoffs...

Without a Net

20 years ago by Brad Jones
Hans Buenning is best known as one fourth of Acrobat Down, an ultra-catchy Denver-based combo. But Buenning is more than just an accomplished musician; he's also a dance-floor superfreak who recently invented his own trademark step. "It's called the 'Prairie Dog,' and it's the perfect dance for big, empty concert...

The Beatdown

13 years ago by Dave Herrera
I'm all about the music; I have no time for the bullshit that often goes along with it. I learned early on to just listen and to disregard everything else. So when someone tries to sell me on a band's look, angle or image, he might as well be speaking...


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