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For Love and Money

19 years ago by Michael Sragow
Put brutally, The Wings of the Dove is the story of a romantic frameup that backfires. Thankfully, nothing is put brutally in this smart, lyrical movie. Director Iain Softley and screenwriter Hossein Amini cut to the thick of Henry James's masterpiece about amorous extortion and moral purification. Helena Bonham Carter...

The five best concerts in Colorado this weekend

4 years ago by Team Backbeat
See also: - Dave Gonzalez of Paladins fame on the Stone River Boys and playing country soul - Review: The Reverend Horton Heat at the Odgen, 1/28/12 - Kappa Cell takes over the Lion's Lair with its dark, dystopian hysteria Welcome to the weekend! As per usual, there's a gajillion...


22 years ago by Bill Gallo
Steven Soderbergh's directing career has hit a couple of snags since he enlivened the independent filmmaking scene five years ago with a cool-tempered study of yuppie obsession called sex, lies & videotape. Since then, Soderbergh's gloomy Kafka has probably played best in Prague, and his beautifully wrought adaptation of A.E...

Folk Explosion

14 years ago by Andrew Marcus
Are you one of those people who charge around town with a "Real Musicians Have Day Jobs" sticker on the back of his car? Good for you. Instead of slapping on "Pave the Planet" or "No Fat Chicks," you've opted for a printed slogan that hits a worthy target: all...

For the Record

Music got downright deadly in 2003. Some of the great ones went up to that big gig in the sky -- icons and legends like Johnny Cash, Barry White, Warren Zevon, Elliott Smith and Wesley Willis -- while the RIAA took off after grandmas and single moms around the country...

That's a Wrap-Up

Musically, the pallindromic 2002 was much like any other, just with slightly different outfits and different purty colors flashing on MTV. There was some really great stuff released, as well as some truly awful dreck. Most of the hundreds of thousands of CDs released in the world fell somewhere in...

Letters to the Editor

Heavy Traffic Road to nowhere: T.R. Witcher's "Collision Course," in the April 19 issue, confirms what I have thought for a long time: Motorists are a greater threat to public safety than are murderers. Last year, car accidents claimed a total of 84 lives. Motorists killed 37 pedestrians. By contrast,...

The Prize Patrol

20 years ago by Michael Roberts
What follows is a list of the best albums of 1996. Sort of. Each December this decade, I've sat down to compile a roster of the finest recordings that came my way during the preceding eleven months. But because of the sheer volume of material I've heard--and because I try...

The Edge

19 years ago by Kyle Wagner
Surprise! Colorado is a primo place to ski and snowboard. Oh, you knew that? Well, did you know there's a secret stash on Aspen Mountain that only the locals have found? Did you know there's a place near Vail that offers six tacos for $2 during happy hour? Or that...

The Girl From 10th Avenue



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