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Throw Away the Keys

21 years ago by T.R. Witcher
What began as a mind exercise for Jerald Lepinski ten years ago has become a crusade to challenge the music notation system that's dominated Europe and America for hundreds of years. Lepinski, a Denver music teacher and choir conductor for more than thirty years, is not the first to suggest...

Letters to the Editor

"Main Features," Michael Roberts, June 7 Mercenary Taffy Eaters I am appalled that our local film critics have been replaced by a bunch of mercenaries from Corporate. Normally, I wouldn't care — but you've replaced writers who could write with people who write (to quote Chuck Jones) "like a dog...

Shark Bite

11 years ago by Jason Sheehan
I had my very first bowl of shark's fin soup last week at Super Star Asian (see review). As a culinary indulgence, it wasn't worth the money; if I'm paying $46 for a bowl of soup, it had better come garnished with about $38 in small bills. But as a...

Best of Denver Winners from 2000

9 years ago by Sean Cronin
In 2000, Westword published its seventeenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best Name for the New Football Stadium (brewmeister John Hickenlooper’s campaign to keep the Mile High Stadium brand inspired customers to suggest he run for mayor), to Best Performance by...

Force of Hobbit

15 years ago by Gregory Weinkauf
Since the horrors of the dominant Hollywood culture -- destruction, devastation, dumb-assness -- do not appear to be receding of their own accord, there's a great poignancy to the new cinematic adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. The film succeeds as massive,...

Hit Parade

19 years ago by Michael Paglia
For some reason, all of the important small public art venues in the metro area are located on the northwest side. In Boulder, there's the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, in Arvada the Arvada Center and in Golden the Foothills Art Center. Each of these municipal facilities has come to...


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