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Mikala Nealy and the Bill Pickett Rodeo Keep Black Cowboys' Legacy Alive

2 years ago
African-American cowhands played a pivotal role in settling the frontiers of the American West. So why are their contributions so often overlooked? We talk to Colorado barrel racer Mikala Nealy and other riders and historians about reclaiming a little-celebrated chapter in American history.

Melissa Etheridge Rediscovers Her Soul

1 month ago by Brett Callwood
As we sit right in the middle of the silliest political silly season in living memory, L.A. rocker Melissa Etheridge, never one to keep her thoughts to herself (thankfully), is aghast at what is unfolding. Somehow, though, she finds some hope in the chaotic circus playing out in all of...

Video: Mikala Nealy Is Keeping the Black Cowboy Tradition Alive

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
February is Black History Month, but the tradition of the black cowboy -- a figure that's gotten short shrift in much of our film and literature about the West -- is very much alive. For proof, check out the following video, in which Mikala Nealy and other members of the...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Marade

2 years ago by Susan Froyd
In these parts, we don’t just call this a holiday: The annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Marade — so named by former Denver First Lady Wilma Webb to mark it as a cross between a political march and a celebratory parade — is known for being one of the...

Opera Diva Angela Brown Sings Arias for Everyone Saturday at the Newman Center

2 years ago by Brad Weismann
“I’m a stage animal,” confides soprano Angela Brown, who moves from brassy to coy to hilarious in the course of a minute’s chat. She’s the powerful and eloquent exponent of opera, on evangelical course to charm and disarm you. Her one-woman concert, "Opera . . . from a Sistah’s Point...

Black to the Future

5 years ago by Jenn Wohletz
"A third of all cowboys were black," says Nickolas Ridley, curator for the Black American West Museum in Denver. "And a black cowboy, Bill Pickett, actually taught Roy Rogers how to do rope work." But at the 2012 Martin Luther King Jr. African American Heritage Rodeo of Champions, taking place...

Horsing Around

7 years ago by Susan Froyd
After marching in the Marade, you might be ready for some down-home entertainment. And there’s nothing more down-home than the annual Martin Luther King African-American Heritage Rodeo, an annual MLK Day tradition at the National Western Stock Show (an estimated quarter of the cowboys in the Old West were black),...

Cattle Call

18 years ago by Marty Jones
Long before Gene Autry paid tribute to life on the range, a different shade of cowpoke was singing out where the longhorn cattle fed. In post-Civil War America, one of every four trailblazers was African-American, and these generally unsung men and women played a vital role in settling the western...

Tasting Menu

11 years ago by Adam Cayton-Holland
MON, 8/22 Every year the Colorado Theatre Guild holds a fundraising gala, but this year's offering, Theatre Night In, is a little different. To begin with, the guild intends to use the proceeds not for administrative purposes -- the organization helps theater artists network and promotes the art form's visibility...

Found Footage Festival's Nick Prueher on how-to-masturbate videos and the death of VHS

4 years ago by Cory Casciato
There's a lot of weird shit captured for posterity on videotape. Nick Prueher and Joe Pickett have been collecting it for 21 years, and touring the world sharing it under the name Found Footage Festival for the past eight. During that time, they've become de facto VHS historians, amassing an...


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