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Dear Stoner: Can Lungs Heal Themselves When You Quit Smoking?

4 months ago by Herbert Fuego
Dear Stoner: I’m thinking about quitting smoking flower. I’ll probably eat edibles, but I want my lungs to stay healthy. Will they heal themselves if I quit? J.R. Huff ’n’ Stuff Dear J.R.: Good for you, man. As much as I love consuming cannabis and all that it does, there’s...

Driving-While-Stoned Cases Are a Hazy Area of Colorado Law

7 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
Melanie Brinegar woke up one morning in July 2014, took her daily dose of medicine and then headed to work. She never got there. Police pulled her over for an expired license plate, then noticed an empty dispensary bottle in the back of her car. Brinegar, an employee of RiverRock...

Marijuana Grow Nutrients Guide: The Advantages of Bat Guano and More

1 year ago by Thomas Mitchell
Ask three cannabis growers for their thoughts about nutrients, and you’re likely to get three different answers. As with green chile and grilled cheese sandwiches, everyone has their own recipes for growing pot, and everyone thinks theirs is the best. Do you go strictly organic, using tea and bat guano...

Ten Essential Science-Fiction/Fantasy Books by Colorado Authors

2 years ago by Jason Heller
From such veterans as Connie Willis and Ed Bryant to newcomers Molly Tanzer and Rob Ziegler to Carrie Vaughn and Warren Hammond, the focus of Westword's current cover story, Colorado's science-fiction/fantasy writers are as wide-ranging as the genres themselves. The books that this state's authors have produced over the decades...

Photos: Ten best cities to start a business -- and where Denver ranks

2 years ago by Michael Roberts recently listed Denver among the ten best cities for female entrepreneurs -- and the city manages another top ten finish when it comes to the site's picks for the best cities to start a business. Continue to count down the photo-illustrated top ten, supplemented with NerdWallet text and a...

Dear Stoner: Can marijuana cure cancer?

3 years ago by William Breathes
Dear Stoner: Can this hippie medicine really cure cancer, or are all of these activists just getting too high off their own supply?Key Mo Dear Key: Yes, some parts of the cannabis plant have been shown to kill cancer cells in certain cases — though to say outright that marijuana...

Mae Kuroki possible homicide victim, son David Kuroki hospitalized with self-inflicted injuries

4 years ago by Michael Roberts
Only a few hours after Jeremy Wilson was killed near the intersection of 26th and Bryant, another possible homicide victim was discovered on the 8600 block of East Dry Creek Road in Arapahoe County. The woman who died has just been identified as Mae Kuroki, age 81. And the person...

Marijuana activist thinks state should consider a glass of wine proof of alcoholism? Sort of

4 years ago by Michael Roberts
Should a glass of wine be considered proof of alcoholism? If a child sees a parent sip some booze, should state personnel remove the youngster from the home? These suggestions and more are part of an open letter to Governor John Hickenlooper (see it below) written by Bill Althouse, a...

How Aaron Clauset discovered a pattern behind terrorist attacks...and what it told him

3 years ago by Joel Warner
It's an idyllic summer day in Denver. Families are enjoying a festival in Civic Center Park, while residents and visitors alike happily stroll along the 16th Street Mall as a shuttle glides past. The air is filled with the sounds of people laughing and children playing. Suddenly, there's a deafening...

Marijuana: Barack Obama says no to legalizing drugs -- but what's that mean for Colorado?

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
It's been six months to the day since the passage of Amendment 64, which allows adults 21 and over in Colorado to use and possess small amounts of marijuana -- and just under five months since Governor John Hickenlooper signed it into law. But even as legislators rush to finish...


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