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Letters to the Editor

Fetal Attraction Truth decay: I must confess, I wasn't shocked when Kenny Be ran "attention-getting funeral announcements" for cremated remains from a Boulder abortion clinic in his January 27 Worst-Case Scenario, "EmbryObituaries & Immemorials." I was shocked, however, that he had the intellectual dishonesty to only write his cute "obituaries"...

Letters to the Editor

The Big Boom Theory Hunter drops Dobson: I have never paid a lot of attention to The City, by Derf, before, but the March 3 comic about how Hunter S. Thompson really died was perfect. If only it were true! RIP, HST. Brian Moriarty Aurora The Mystery of Pi Frat...

Best of Denver Winners from 1999

9 years ago by Sean Cronin
In 1999, Westword published its sixteenth Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from the Best New Public Art (Donald Lipski’s still-beloved “Yearling”) to Best Brunch Served by Drag Queens (Bump and Grind) to Best Hair on a TV Personality (Adele Arakawa, as serious as...


Duty to Di Was Kenny Be's Princess Di Hip Tip, in the September 4 issue, really necessary? I enjoy reading Westword, but I think that cartoon was tasteless and disrespectful. Dana Murphy Northglenn Your last issue was another one avoiding all important life-and-death issues: this time, the untimely death of...

Don't Cheer, Don't Tell

16 years ago by David Ehrenstein
It would be the easiest thing in the world to write off But I'm a Cheerleader -- the story of a teenager discovering her sexual identity through a program designed to repress it -- as a Saturday Night Live sketch somewhat awkwardly inflated to feature length. But when you start...


15 years ago by Laura Bond
It's safe to say that Fancy -- a weeklong celebration of sound and style that kicks off in these parts on Sunday, April 21 -- has very little to do with Fashion Week, which is held in Paris each spring. Now in its sixth year, Fancy probably won't attract too...

Reelin' in the Summer

20 years ago by Peter Rainer
Here are the Joys of Summer...and the Oys of Summer, the nearly 100 movies scheduled to open between now and the end of August. Many of them may even make it to Denver. They're listed in the order of their L.A. release: May 30 Drunks. Peter Cohn's look at the...


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