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Riding the South Platte River Trail in Denver, Colorado

4 years ago
The South Platte River Trail traces the waterway of the same name through Denver. Ride it with Britt Chester.

Will a raver girl think you're an a$$hole if you give her earplugs for Christmas?

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Denver blog posts are glad the first two letters in "EDM" don't stand for "erectile dysfunction." At our Backbeat blog, Britt Chester lists the ten best gifts for EDM fans -- and yes, earplugs are included. Colorado Pols maintains that new Jeffco school board members are already breaking the law...

Weekend's best dance music: Planet of the Drums, Justin Long, King Britt and more

While the biggest EDM event this weekend is Burning Man, if you're staying behind in Colorado, you don't have to feel left out. You can head up to Happy Ass Ranch at Lake George for Freeman Music Festival, a free festival with over twelve hours of music daily and nearly...

X Games Snowboarder Danny Davis on Organizing Festivals, Why EDM Sucks

8 months ago by Britt Chester
ESPN’s Winter X Games return to the Buttermilk ski area in Aspen January 28 through 31. The festival, which started in 1995, showcases the world’s top athletes in extreme iterations of winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. The culture surrounding the event and the sports themselves encompasses certain...

Reader: The wheels are turning at Denver Health Medical Center

4 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Britt Chester has wheels turning all around town with "Guess where I'm biking." This town is full of bike enthusiasts who ride both for fun and health -- which makes the latest spot in the series particularly appropriate...


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