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Loving Edith Piaf

3 years ago by Robon Edwards
“I’m not sure that there’s any music out there that exists that imbues more utter passion and depth of feeling than Edith Piaf’s,” says musician Britta Laree. “Her entire life was about living and loving to the fullest, and, boy, she paid the price in a lot of ways. But...

My Fair Lady of Rock

5 years ago by Jef Otte
Here’s how producer Britta Laree likes to describe Breach, a new musical from Evolution Theatre Company: “It’s like Pygmalion on acid.” Pygmalion, of course, is the play that inspired the musical My Fair Lady, and Breach offers a similar plotline: An ambitious New York record executive finds a Long Island...

From Sellout to Sold Out

6 years ago by Mark Dragotta
It’s reassuring to starving artists/waiters everywhere that the multiple Tony Award-winning creator of Rent, the late Jonathan Larson, was a decade-long waiter who seriously entertained the idea of giving up his art for a more conventional path. Larson’s pre-Rent doubts are showcased in the posthumously produced rock musical, Tick, Tick…BOOM!,...


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