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Photos: Thirty Most Memorable Women's Mug Shots of 2014

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
As we move into 2015, it's time for a look back at the most memorable mug shots of last year. The first of several posts features the women who found themselves posing for booking photos in 2014, including Emily Anderson, whose winning smile contrasts with reports that she admitted trying...

The latest skate videos from Royal Stain, Meta Skateboards, Crisis, FOZine

4 years ago by Colin Bane
Snowboarding season is getting into full swing up in the mountains, with resorts opening by the day (Steamboat and Eldora opened their 50th anniversary seasons this week, and Beaver Creek and Crested Butte are also now spinning chairs in time for Thanksgiving), but you wouldn't know it down here in...

In Phoenix, Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reign of terror becomes state policy, thanks to state Senator Russell Pearce and Governor Jan Brewer

6 years ago by Michael Lacey
With Governor Jan Brewer's April 25 signature affixed to Senate Bill 1070, Arizona is poised to direct all law enforcement agencies to adopt Sheriff Joe Arpaio's policy of rounding up and incarcerating Mexicans and then shipping them back across the border if they lack proper documentation of their status in...

Unauthorized! The DAM put the nix on 1,000 paper cranes, and that's unfortunate

6 years ago by Jef Otte
Within just a few hours of the time local artist Talia Kauk installed 1,000 paper cranes outside the Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum yesterday, without permission, security came out, snipped them down and tossed them in the trash, and they were gone. Conceived as a commentary on the...


22 years ago by Bill Gallo
Want to foul up your next crime thriller? It's easy. First, go down to the Florida Everglades at midnight and find some alligators. Next, reheat a big, dangerous slab of Cape Fear, add a humid chunk of In the Heat of the Night and a racially motivated miscarriage of justice...

Victoria Jackson's excellent Tea Party adventure

5 years ago by Gus Garcia-Roberts
Victoria Jackson doesn't want to meet at her house. "The Nation of Islam wants to kill me," she explains apologetically in her inimitable shrill voice. Instead, she picks up a reporter at a Miami-area strip mall. Her weathered Honda Civic is adorned with "Nobama," Marco Rubio, and Tea Party bumper...

Dark Angels

10 years ago by Gustavo Arellano
Dear Mexican: Why do non-Mexicans consider it a compliment when they tell Mexicans they don't look Mexican? I am 100 percent Mexican (5'7", with black hair, brown eyes and olive skin) and ever since I left my home town of El Paso, I've been subjected to this backhanded compliment. No...

Troubleshooter Tom Martino uses TV and radio to promote the trickle-up economics of Efusjon

7 years ago by Jared Jacang Maher
On the June 23 episode of Martino TV, the paid-programming/news-magazine-style hybrid that debuted last month on KDVR/Fox 31 and KWGN/Channel 2, Tom Martino was hyping Efusjon, an energy drink made with the acai berry and other vitamins that also comes with "a business opportunity," he told his audience. Martino's guest...

Letters to the Editor

Blowing Hot and Cold Feel the burn: Our thanks to Westword and Eileen Welsome for bringing the dirty and disturbing history of Rocky Flats to a whole new audience in the current series "From Cold War to Hot Property." She does her homework, and it shows. In 1986, my sister...

Letters to the Editor

Patriot Games Borderline behavior: I appreciated the combination of Patricia Calhoun's pieces in the October 6 issue. Compare what the Martinezes ("United They Stand") have done for this country with what the Minutemen ("Blow Hards") say they are doing down on the border. Who are the real patriots? I'll vote...


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