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Capital Punishment

16 years ago by Patrick Casey
In 1995, punk was, once again, dead. What still lived in the hearts of the punk faithful who lived and made music in the nation's capitol, however, was eternal hope -- or maybe just a stubborn denial of the genre's passing. Washington, D.C., was all too desperately hanging on to...

Rampage: Capital Punishment (Rampage 2)

Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Capital Punishment (La Pena Maxima)

Greek-born French filmmaker Costa-Gavras has gone after "isms"—fascism, Nazism, imperialism—in vivid political melodramas like Z and Missing, as well as less accomplished, though watchable, movies like Music Box and Amen. The director's latest tackles capitalism, and the title, Capital, is essentially the only apt thing about it. A...

Long Before Colorado Legalized Pot, It Was the Country's Glue-Sniffing Capital

3 months ago by Gregory Daurer
Paul Thompson had a forged note from his mother in hand, authorizing him to purchase model-airplane glue. The preteen presented the phony document to the man behind the counter of the drugstore at West Alameda Avenue and South Federal Boulevard, who then sold Thompson his ration of two tubes. Once,...

Frank Azar Thinks His Being Strong-Armed Into Middle of Denver DA's Race Is Silly

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
Anyone who's watched Denver television in recent years has likely seen commercials featuring attorney Frank Azar, who's branded himself "The Strong Arm" — and who makes it clear that he's willing to grill insurance companies on behalf of his clients. But Azar's the one on the hot seat now —...

Aurora Theater Shooting Case Cost Colorado $4.5 Million — and Counting

No one knows exactly how much taxpayer money was spent on the Aurora theater shooting case, but the three-year investigation/trial was surely one of the most — if not the most — expensive in Colorado history. Figures obtained by CU News Corps from several public agencies reveal that the investigation...

Why It Took 5 Years to Put Alleged Killer Javier Aguirre in a Colorado Jail

12 months ago by Michael Roberts
In March 2010, we told you about the murder of Lyndsey Pham at Aurora's Descano Plaza Apartments, which she co-owned and managed. It didn't take long for investigators to identify two suspects: Descano assistant manager Lupe Rubio and Javier Aguirre, who were thought to have conspired to kill Pham. Rubio...

Colorado Personalities We Don’t Want to See in the New Year

9 months ago by Teague Bohlen
To everything and everyone, there comes an ending. Here at the end of 2015, we’d like to offer up this handful of people for nomination to Colorado’s mutual “unfriend” list. It’s nothing personal (okay, in some cases, it totally is), but in the spirit of new beginnings and resolving to...

2015's Five Most Popular Schmucks of the Week

9 months ago by Westword
Regularly throughout the year, we highlight a special someone as the Schmuck of the Week. But not all Schmucks are created equal. Our posts about the following folks collected the most views from our Schmuck of the Week archive in 2015. Look below for the complete original items about each member...

Frankie Brown and Ian Rush's Lewd Act by Waffle House Leads to Big Pot Bust

10 months ago by Westword
As we've noted in several recent posts, marijuana use that's legal in Colorado can still lead to serious punishment in other states. This lesson is being learned the hard way by a couple recently busted in Florida: Pensacola resident Frankie Brown and Ian Rush, from Twin Lakes, Colorado. But the...


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