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Left Behind is Sinfully Boring

2 years ago by Amy Nicholson
Every child who's thrown a tantrum, packed a bag and plotted to run away has shivered with the same vengeful thought: I wish I could see how sad they'll be when I'm gone. The Left Behind franchise implies that evangelicals haven't grown up. This new film version, the latest in...

Win two seats to the HUSH dinner with Ian Kleinman at the newly remodeled Lodge hotel in Estes Park (WINNER UPDATE)

3 years ago by Lori Midson
UPDATE: We have a winner of our HUSH Table: Great Roads to Great Chefs contest, in which we asked Cafe Society readers to tell us, in fifty words or less: What culinary contraption do you wish you could invent, and why? From the five submissions entered, we chose this answer...

Bud, Guinness, Sam Adams protest Left Hand Brewing's attempt to trademark "Nitro"

3 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Left Hand Brewing in Longmont has been looking to get control of the word "Nitro" since 2011, first by wresting the trademark away from a small Canadian brewer that had never used it and then by filing a trademark claim of its own on the word as it relates to...

Guy Guthrie, suicidal man with BB gun, dies after being Tased

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Update: This weekend, members of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office deployed a Taser against a suicidal man now identified as Guy Guthrie, 55. He was armed, but only with a BB gun -- and died about an hour later. A JCSO spokesman defends the safety of Tasers even as he...

Molecular magician Ian Kleinman will host four NOMAD pop-up dinners later this month

6 years ago by Lori Midson
Last month, Phil Armstrong, the founder of HUSH Concepts, let loose NOMAD -- one-off dinners that "pop-up" at various venues throughout the city, their addresses kept off the radar until just hours before the dinners begin. James Mazzio was tapped to be the chef for the March dinners, but a...

Strange but True Stories From 2007

9 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
Life moved fast in 2007, and so did death. We said goodbye to people and institutions that Denver knew and loved. But we said hello to many more. And anyone who stopped long enough to smell the, uh, microwave popcorn, had to cover his mouth and nose when it was...

Westword Music Showcase 2006

Welcome to the twelfth annual Westword Music Showcase. Twelve -- the dirty dozen. Can you believe it? When we launched the first Showcase all those years ago on a rainy Sunday night in LoDo, who would've thought that it would grow to such a mammoth event? Then again, did anyone...

The Show(case) Must Go On!

The Westword Music Showcase has come of age over the past decade -- not unlike LoDo, where we launched the event in 1995. Now in its ninth year, the Showcase has moved out of its original home and grown into a can't-miss annual celebration of area talent. And this year,...

Letters to the Editor

The Purrfect Storm Itch, itch, itch: Kenny Be usually skewers popular metro celebrities with shrewd, funny insights. However, this was not the case with "Maybe Curiosity Killed the Cats," his July 10 "Worst-Case Scenario. I understand that he's trying to add a little levity to a bad situation -- but...

Left Behind

Action/Adventure, SciFi/Fantasy, Suspense/Thriller
The new Left Behind film is for the religious and by the religious, with bright colors and inspirational soft rock. But the story itself tracks the nonbelievers left behind on an ordinary afternoon when God blips a few million chosen people to Heaven. What remains on Earth -- and in the sky, where adulterous Captain Rayford Steele (Nicolas...


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