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How Mike Devine Became Denver's Hip-Hop Pastor

11 months ago by Chris Walker
A church service is scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. on the first Friday of October at Church in the City-Beth Abraham, at the corner of Gaylord Street and 16th Avenue, and about forty worshippers have gathered in the main sanctuary. But this will not be a traditional church service...

Lawsuit Targets Church's "Ubiquitous Presence" at Florence High School

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
Even though church and state are separate entities according to the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court has ruled that religious clubs can meet at public schools after hours. But when do such accommodations become promotion of a specific faith or doctrine? And did Florence High School cross this line over and...


22 years ago by Michael Roberts
For the most part, it looked and sounded like practically any rock concert. The throng at McNichols Arena on a Tuesday night in late October was dominated by teenagers, and if some of them appeared tidier and more clean-cut than the fans at your average Metallica date (one young man...

Douglas County Schools Sued Over Religious Fundraisers

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
In recent years, the Douglas County School District has stirred controversy over a perceived rightward shift led by its conservative school board. Now, the American Humanist Association is suing the district, the school board and other individuals for allowing what the AHA characterizes as religious fundraisers at individual institutions, thereby...

Six Great, Very Geeky Gifts -- Holiday 2014 Edition

2 years ago by Cory Casciato
Like it or not, Christmas is creeping up, and in the consumer paradise we call the USA, that means you better be buying stuff for the people you love if you want them to keep loving you back. Toys for the little ones are the easy part of it --...

Mary DeForest's Epic Adventure Led to the Latinometer -- a Classic Bullshit Detector

2 years ago by Kyle Harris
Mary DeForest loves Jane Austen. The 68-year-old academic has read each of the author's novels over 100 times. "I went to her tomb at Winchester Cathedral and burst into tears," she says. "I couldn't believe she was dead." DeForest has spent much of her academic career defending Austen's legacy. "Austen...

Remarks of the Beast

19 years ago by Tony Perez-Giese
After studying plans for Montrose's new library, religiously conservative residents of the Western Slope town fear that their children will be checking out hellish images instead of heavenly reading material. An October 20 library board meeting was packed with residents decrying the planned use of four gargoyles on the exterior...

O Scum all ye faithful: Christianity gets the punk-rock treatment at this Denver church

6 years ago by Josiah M. Hesse
To this very hour we go hungry and thirsty, we are in rags, we are brutally treated, we are homeless. We work hard with our own hands. When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly. We have become...

Photos: Patricia Lucero was bloodied by a Denver cop who wasn't disciplined

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Update below: This morning, the Office of the Independent Monitor, charged with overseeing and evaluating the actions of the Denver Police Department and the Denver County Sheriff's Office, issued its annual report. We'll be digging into the complete document in a separate post. But first, we'd like to focus on...

Morbid Angel frontman's take on music: "I don't really look at labels. I like good music"

3 years ago by Tom Murphy
Formed in Tampa -- the home of death metal -- in 1984, Morbid Angel (due Friday, November 22, at the Bluebird Theater) may not have put out the subgenre's founding document (an honor generally bestowed on Possessed's 1985 masterpiece, Seven Churches), but it can rightfully be considered one of its...


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