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Ron Perea, ex-Manager of Safety, no longer star of tonight's Citizen Oversight Board forum

6 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
The Citizen Oversight Board -- the seven-member group set up as a watchdog for the city's Safety Department -- had already changed the venue for tonight's quarterly public forum to a larger venue. After all, the board anticipated a big turnout and plenty of questions for its guest speaker: Manager...

Denver D.A. Lacks Oversight by Both City and State Ethics Boards

11 months ago by Chris Walker
When a Boulder man recently tried to file an ethics complaint against Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey, he discovered a glaring loophole in the way that the office is overseen — one that has city and state officials scratching their heads. Essentially, there is no ethical oversight of the Denver...

Denver Police Beating Caught on Camera: Citizen Board Criticizes Cops' Defense

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
Late last month, we shared allegations against a Denver police officer caught on video punching a suspect six times in the face and tripping a pregnant woman. In addition, officers were accused of deleting the video, which was later said to have been recovered from a cloud-based storage system. After...


22 years ago by Richard Fleming
An advisory board recently created by the U.S. Army to increase public participation in deciding how to clean up the Rocky Mountain Arsenal is compromised by the Army's influence over it, say environmental activists. The thirty-member Restoration Advisory Board (RAB), which held its first meeting two weeks ago, is part...

Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado — But Only If You're a U.S. Citizen

12 days ago by Joel Warner
Claudia didn’t think anything was wrong when United States Customs and Border Protection agents flagged her for an in-depth security screening after the early-morning flight from her native Chile landed at Los Angeles International Airport early on October 8, 2015. “It’s normal,” she says. “Sometimes the officers review people.” Besides,...

Michael Hancock's Firing of Ex-Pal Wayne McDonald to Cost Taxpayers $200K

1 month ago by Alan Prendergast
A federal lawsuit against Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and other city officials, filed by one of Hizzoner's former best buds and top advisors, has been dismissed by U.S. District Court Judge John Kane -- just when filings in the case were getting interesting. Ex-aide Wayne McDonald's complaint of wrongful termination...

Proposal to Put Independent Monitor's Office in Denver Charter Makes Ballot

1 month ago by Michael Roberts
At first blush, a proposed amendment to the Denver city charter seems unlikely to stir passions. But including Denver's Office of the Independent Monitor in that document is important to the Denver Justice Project, which is planning a rally in favor of such a proposal at 4:30 p.m. today at the...

Broken Shovels Farm's Andrea Davis Won't Let Anyone Get Her Goat

2 months ago by Kyle Harris
Andrea Davis, a weather-worn forty-year-old ex-library clerk turned farmer, has rescued abused and doomed-to-die animals for most of her life. Davis’s goals for her Broken Shovels Farm in Henderson are to create an oasis of health in a food desert that is more than two miles from the nearest grocery...

Letters: "We rely on the sham system of oversight that John Hickenlooper instituted"

"The Watcher," Joel Warner, May 19 Policing the Police At the mayoral forum on police accountability, none of the eight candidates endorsed independent investigation of citizens' complaints against police. This would only require that a minority of investigative positions within the Denver Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau be transferred to...

Frank Azar Thinks His Being Strong-Armed Into Middle of Denver DA's Race Is Silly

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
Anyone who's watched Denver television in recent years has likely seen commercials featuring attorney Frank Azar, who's branded himself "The Strong Arm" — and who makes it clear that he's willing to grill insurance companies on behalf of his clients. But Azar's the one on the hot seat now —...


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