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The Coathangers' Julia Kugel on the time her band dressed a pony like a unicorn for a show

3 years ago by Tom Murphy
The members of the Coathangers -- an act that emerged from the same Atlanta underground scene in 2007 that had previously produced bands like Black Lips, Deerhunter and King Khan and the Shrines -- started playing out before really even learning to play their instruments. In true punk-rock style, the...

A Wing and a Prayer

15 years ago by Harrison Fletcher
The wind is cold, sharp, and blowing steadily from the east at five knots. The clouds are thick but airy, blotting the sky in patches. The temperature hangs at a chill 37 degrees. Cole Kugel squints into the noonday sun and smiles. He is anxious, excited. He has waited a...

Letters to the Editor

The Bust of Denver Hair today, gone tomorrow: Way to go, Westword! Thanks for including Best Hair on a TV Personality in the Best of Denver 2002, but leaving out all references to Latin music, hip-hop acts, children's theater, and comedy theater and acts! Why not just include "Cutest Couple"...

This Spud's for You

13 years ago by Jason Sheehan
There are two items on the menu at Zaidy's Deli: potatoes and everything else. Zaidy's does great things with potatoes -- truly phenomenal things for which it deserves a medal. Now if only those bastards at the American Farm Council's tuber division would get off their asses and start planning...

Light My Fire

17 years ago by Susan Froyd
When Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, gets under way Friday evening, they'll be lighting the first candle on menorahs all over town and getting ready to open the first night's gifts. But unlike Christmas, when the whole haul is carried away in one fell swoop, there's still another week's...

Thrills for the week

19 years ago by Susan Froyd
Thursday July 10 How street it is: What better way to kick off this summer's Colorado Dance Festival than with some exuberant dancing in the street--style, that is. A unique troupe of dancers, Rennie Harris PureMovement uses hip-hop as a springboard, taking the giant choreographic leap from lowbrow to highbrow...


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