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Seven Boozy Run Clubs for Fans of Fitness and Drinking

4 months ago by Amy Thomson
Next time you’re trying to get off the couch to burn some calories, try reaching for a beer — or get yourself nice and hung over to motivate a trip to the gym. The doctors agree; according to a national survey, drinking is associated with a ten-percent increase in “exercising...

Powder Is Plentiful at Colorado Ski Resorts — Pot, Not So Much

9 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
So you’re going to the mountains tomorrow, your weed jar is dry as a bone, and it's nearing 7 p.m. – dispensary closing time in Denver. No worries: You can just replenish your stash tomorrow at a dispensary in the mountains, right? Not always. While many popular snowy destinations in...

The 33's True Story Works Best When It's Underground

11 months ago by Stephanie Zacharek
How do you dramatize the unthinkable? On August 5, 2010, 33 Chilean miners were trapped when the hundred-year-old gold and copper mine in which they were working collapsed around them. For weeks, no one knew if they were alive or dead. But 69 days later, after a team of international...

R. Craig Miller Leaves the DAM

9 years ago by Michael Paglia
Last week I took in the recently unveiled permanent installation of the selections from the Herbert Bayer collection that are now displayed on the lower level of the Frederic C. Hamilton Building of the Denver Art Museum. The ad hoc exhibition spaces, which form the lobby of the conference room...

From Breakfast to Beer, Seventeen Tastiest Events on the Culinary Calendar

1 year ago by Ben Landreth
From freebies to food flicks to farm dinners, the culinary calendar is overflowing with activities that should whet your appetite for DISH, our 21st annual celebration of food and drink that comes to Sculpture Park on Sunday, September 20. Keep reading for all the tasty details of what's on tap...

End of Aurora Theater Shooting Trial: "Get the Defendant Out of My Courtroom"

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
The first post in Westword's Aurora Theater Shooting archive was published early on July 20, 2012. It's very simple headline reads, "Videos: Aurora Century 16 Shooting at The Dark Knight Rises." Since then, we've published hundreds of posts about the horrific acts that took place that night, with topics including the first...

From Oysters to Anniversaries, Nineteen Tastiest Events on the Culinary Calendar

1 year ago by Ben Landreth
This week we welcome the month of August, celebrate National Oyster Day and grab some free Chipotle and Dunkin' Donuts deals. Get ready to to slurp, slice, sip and savor your way through our culinary calendar.     Monday, August 3  In the next installment in the Meet the Maker series,...

Craig Nassi changed Denver's Golden Triangle, but not everything is sparkling

8 years ago by Lisa Rab
On sunny winter days, the Beauvallon shimmers like a palace on Lincoln Street. In the center of the sprawling condo complex, twin domes highlighted by Roman columns flank the rooftop pool and garden. Matching cream-colored towers rise on either side like layers of an enormous wedding cake, with floral iron...

Gallery Sketches: Four New Shows in Denver and Evergreen for the Weekend of May 8-10

1 year ago by Susan Froyd
New and old horizons, great masters and comic book art all share the stage this week in Denver galleries. Here’s a sliver of what’s happening on the art scene over the weekend. Craig Robb: Oddities, obscura and other vague visual references Pirate: Contemporary Art May 8 through 24 Opening Reception:...

There Was Also Music: Coachella Set Reviews

1 year ago by Westword Music
Contrary to what you might have heard, Coachella is more than just a fashion parade for B-list celebrities and trust fund kids. It also still features music! Here are reviews and recaps of some of the first weekend's most memorable sets, from Jack White, Run the Jewels, FKA Twigs, Steely...


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