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SWAT Leader's Defense of Columbine Response: Too Little, Much Too Late

3 months ago by Alan Prendergast
At several points in his memoir Bullet Riddled, Grant Whitus declares that members of the pain-in-the-ass general public — or worse, the pantywaist liberal media — are in no position to second-guess the life-and-death decisions he had to make in the course of his eventful career as a SWAT team...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Thomas Evans

4 months ago by Susan Froyd
#78: Thomas Evans Thomas Evans, better known as Detour, paints his culture on large canvases, capturing portraits of modern pop stars in swirls of pure color, some of them interactive works that viewers can touch to release sounds. As an entrepreneur marketing his own work, Detour has generally bypassed galleries...

Denver Musicians Are Still Feeling the Bern

5 months ago by Brett Callwood
Back at the beginning of March, we interviewed notoriously politically active punk band Anti-Flag prior to its show at the Gothic Theatre, and frontman Justin Sane was more than happy to discuss the merits of his favorite presidential candidate. “Sanders is a person who has a track record of fighting...

Pitch A Tent, Sander Kleinenberg and much, much more on this weekend's Dance Card

5 years ago by Amber Taufen
Between the end-of-summer bash Pitch A Tent and the three-day weekend (party late into Sunday night!) we're not sure what has us most excited this weekend. Things are kicking off strong with Sunset at the First Friday Art Walk; DJs are getting in on the action at the Infinite Monkey...

Q&A with Tasos Hernandez and Nick Sanders of Regret Night

7 years ago by Dave Herrera
Regret Night has been stretching to nipping at the coat tails of Denver's pop scene for a little over a few years now. On stage, the act consistently delivers energetic performances. Living the Night Life, the band's newest, dropping tonight at the Marquis Theater, represents a humbling progression in Regret...

Exclusive: Dave Query and Big Red F opening a brewery and chicken joint in Lafayette

4 years ago by Lori Midson
For the past several weeks, the brass from Big Red F -- owner and chef Dave Query, culinary director Jamey Fader and Brett Smith, the current exec chef of Zolo Grill -- have been on a chicken crawl, traversing the country in search of America's best fried chicken and rotisserie...

The Mayday Experiment: The Roof...the Roof...the Roof Is...ON!

1 year ago by Lauri Lynnxe Murphy
I have to confess: I’ve not yet been on the roof of my own tiny house. It feels like a travesty. An even bigger confession: I’m a little terrified of heights. I’ve gotten over this fear to some degree over the years – anyone who hangs work in a gallery will...

Every New Colorado Concert Announcement

1 year ago by Jon Solomon
Brad Paisley headlines KYGO's 35th Birthday Bash on Friday, September 18 with Justin Moore and Mickey Guyton opening. Tickets ($19.80-$74.50) go on sale on Friday, May 1 at 10 a.m.  NOFX teams up with Lagwagon, Swingin’ Utters, Flatliners, Masked Intruder, Toy Guitar, Bad Cop and more for Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour at...

Gallery Sketches: Four shows for the weekend of May 23-25

2 years ago by Susan Froyd
Art doesn't go on vacation or take three-day weekends, and this weekend's bounty proves it. Here are a few shows -- big, small, serious and not so serious -- to check out while you're kicking back. See also: Stephen Batura, Stream, Ironton Gallery...

Arapahoe High School shooting: Lessons from Columbine

3 years ago by Alan Prendergast
It's one of those phrases that gets tossed around after a school shooting, like how the shooter "seemed like a nice, quiet boy" and "didn't fit the profile" -- never mind that there is no profile for school shooters, other than seeming to be nice, quiet boys. From the moment...


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