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Videos: Peyton Manning makes David Letterman say "Sh*t!"

2 years ago by Michael Roberts
After the Broncos' humiliating Super Bowl defeat in February, QB Peyton Manning laid low for a while. But he's back on the national stage in a big way, thanks in part to retirement-bound pal David Letterman, who devoted a huge chunk of last night's show to PM and showed his...

Only Bill Murray, Tina Fey Outrank Peyton Manning on David Letterman's Last Top 10

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
As pretty much everyone with a working knowledge of broadcast television knows, David Letterman hosted his final Late Show last night, bringing to a close a 33-year run as a yakker for various networks. To mark the occasion, his nightly top ten list, featuring the topic "Things I've Always Wanted to...

Gary Faulkner, on David Letterman show, says he and Osama bin Laden are "two heavyweights"

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
Osama hunter Gary Faulkner's fifteen minutes are ticking away quickly, and he's making the most of them. Mere hours after blathering on CBS' Early Show about his intention to capture bin Laden like a thief, the Greeley man was sitting opposite David Letterman essentially measuring himself against the most wanted...

Andy Martinez, exec chef of Citron New World Bistro, on his one-and-only "steak shake" and licking David Letterman's plate

5 years ago by Lori Midson
Andy Martinez Citron New World Bistro 3535 South Yosemite Street 303-771-5800 This is part one of my interview with Andy Martinez, executive chef of Citron New World Bistro. Part two of my chat with Martinez will run in this space tomorrow. When Denver native Andy Martinez, the executive chef...

Comedy Works Downtown

One of the most unique stand-up comics working today, Jeremy Hotz continues to grab audiences with his comedy. This internationally acclaimed Canadian has received many prestigious awards. Jeremy...
Performing Arts Venues

David Liebe Hart's Long Road to Cable Comedy Fame

3 months ago by Tom Murphy
David Liebe Hart is perhaps best known these days for his contributions to Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! and Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule. With his songwriting, puppetry and his wide array of unusual voices, Hart carved a real niche for himself on those already surreal...

What Shows Should Make the TV Canon? Two Critics Decide in TV (The Book)

9 days ago by Craig D. Lindsey
At first glance, TV (The Book), which came out last week, may look like a survey of what two respected TV critics consider to be the greatest television shows of all time. But, really, it’s a book about friendship. The joint authors of this tome, Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller...

Brian Regan on Clean Jokes, Letterman, Red Rocks and Top Five

1 year ago by Byron Graham
Brian Regan is one of the very few comedians who's achieved an arena-headlining level of success on the appeal of his jokes alone. Regan's observations on everyday peccadilloes and his emphatic delivery have won him generations of fans, from Mormon elders to precocious young comedy nerds in training. Unlike many other...

Boulder's finest, Warren Hammond, blows it on Letterman

5 years ago by Nick Lucchesi
It's a non-holiday holiday today, and as such we thought we'd shine a light on the Papa John's delivery driver and glow-dart blower Warren Hammond of Boulder. Hammond, umm, blew it, on the Late Show with David Letterman earlier this month. Watch the video below to see what we mean...

Videos of the Day: Saturday Night Live, Letterman bust on Colorado over weed

3 years ago by Michael Roberts
Thank goodness Colorado voted to allow adults 21 and over to possess small amounts of marijuana. Otherwise, what would late night comedy shows do for material? In recent days, both Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with David Letterman featured prominent pot jokes aimed at the state we're in,...


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