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Letters to the Editor

Love and Loss Collision course: As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I wanted to send a brief letter thanking you for Julie Jargon's story on Shawna Rush, "Running Scared," in the February 5 issue. I grew up in Fort Lupton, where the Rush family lived briefly, and...

Colorado Misses the Call

16 years ago by Stuart Steers
For Sol Trujillo, these are the best of times. Granted, he's now out of a job. But with unemployment benefits like these, losing your job is even better than winning the lottery: Two weeks ago, Trujillo filed notice of his intent to sell 354,740 shares of US West stock, which...

Liars on the Line

17 years ago by Stuart Steers
For years, Coloradans have been wondering: What exactly is the problem with US West? As thousands of customers from Fort Collins to Parker waited for months to get new phone lines, neighbors asked each other why a regulated monopoly with guaranteed profit margins couldn't seem to get its act together...


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