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The Wicked Wig of the West Joins Our Crazy Bandit Name Hall of Fame

2 days ago by Westword Staff
Right now, the FBI is on the lookout for a woman accused of robbing five banks in the metro Denver area wearing an ultra-ugly hairpiece. Hence the nickname bestowed upon her by the Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force: the Wicked Wig of the West. The bandit nickname is a...

Clarinetist Ben Goldberg Brings His Trio Invisible Guy to His Home Town

2 days ago by Jon Solomon
Clarinetist Ben Goldberg, a Denver native who has been a longtime Bay Area resident, has worked in the avant-garde world heavies like John Zorn, Nels Cline and Myra Melford. He also formed the New Klezmer Trio in 1992, was part of the acoustic chamber group Tin Hat and has led...

Twenty-One Insane Murals in RiNo From Colorado Crush 2016

2 days ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Colorado Crush 2016 may be over, but the murals that recently bloomed in the RiNo Art District aren't going anywhere.  Nearly eighty artists made this year's event the most successful ever. Since Crush balances street-art and graffiti, it can sometimes feel as though the event's at odds with itself, given...

The Ten Best Irish Pubs in Metro Denver

4 days ago by Westword Staff
With the impending closing of the Celtic Tavern and Delaney's this weekend, Denverites have one less pub in which to quaff a Guinness and knock back shots of Jameson or Bushmills. In fact, Irish pubs have not fared well this year; we've already lost Katie Mullen's, Wee Katie's and Maloney's...

Reviewed: Water by the Spoonful, Murder Ballad, Suddenly Last Summer (All Closing), Three More

3 days ago by Juliet Wittman
Buntport Theater Company is kicking off the fall season by bringing back Middle Aged People Sitting in Boxes;  the show opens tomorrow. Here's our capsule review of the original production: A clothesline on which tops and bras are hung spans the stage. Other than that, the set consists of four shrouded...

Our Ten Best Pissed-Off-Neighborhood Lists

7 days ago by Westword Staff
Denverites are very territorial when it comes to their specific neighborhood, and with so many neighborhoods offering up different personalities, that's understandable. Still, we like to point out what makes your neighbor tick, all in an effort to make you laugh. Because isn't laughter the great uniter? Keep reading for...

First Look: The DTC Outpost of Maria Empanada Is Now Open

9 days ago by Westword
It's hard to believe that in just three years, Lorena Cantarovici's Argentinian bakery and cafe, Maria Empanada, has gone from a tiny shack on West Mississippi Avenue to where it is today, with a big, sunny Buenos Aires-style cafe on South Broadway, an appearance on the Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins...

New Owners Have High Hopes for the World's Wonder View Tower

10 days ago by Patricia Calhoun
I was cruising I-70 two years ago when I spotted the “Museum Auction” sign on the World’s Wonder View Tower, a roadside attraction a hundred miles east of Denver on a rise that, at 5,741 feet, is the highest point between Denver and Kansas City, or Denver and Chicago, or...

First Look: Fed Rez's "Danver" Is an Ode to Growing Up in the Mile High City

11 days ago by Bree Davies
When it comes to the story of Denver, there are many different versions. For the members of hip-hop group Fed Rez, the tale of the Mile High City is all about the westside — and food. Lots and lots of Mexican food. Its latest track, "Danver" name-checks Tamale Kitchen and Tacos...

On 20th Anniversary of Tupac's Death, Author Explores His Role as Social Activist

12 days ago by Ben Westhoff
Editor's note: Twenty years ago today, influential hip-hop artist Tupac Shakur died in Las Vegas after being shot six days earlier. In his new book, Original Gangstas: The Untold Story of Dr. Dre, Eazy-E, Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, and the Birth of West Coast Rap (out today with Hachette Books), former music...


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