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Visiting Black Cube Curator Creates an Artistic Bonanza With Gold Hill Art Project

2 months ago by Lauren Archuletta
Black Cube is known for really breaking out of the box. With the launch of its Gold Hill Art Project, the nomadic museum is taking art out of the galleries and into log cabins with the help of its first curator-in-residence, Laurie Britton Newell. Originally from England, Britton Newell brings an...

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in June

4 months ago by Byron Graham
June has arrived, and Denver's comedy calendar is full of follies ranging from Saturday Night Live alumni and a comedian supergroup to an improv presidential debate and a comedy festival masterminded by local standups. While the entertainment continues all month long, this June is front-loaded with particularly great comedy shows. Here they...

Holiday Rush

9 years ago by Jason Sheehan
In the restaurant business, the holiday season goes one of two ways. Either it's all quiet on the Western front, complete with men in the trenches and hastily whispered prayers, or it's a last-minute flurry of chaotic action — an eleventh-hour push to get open, get set, get closed or...

Meet Wrong House Invader Caleb Williams & His Victim, Teacher Jesse Swift

4 months ago by Michael Roberts
We recently told you about a home invasion in Golden involving three males allegedly in search of drugs and cash who are said to have entered the wrong house — a mistake that resulted in the stabbing of the male resident and one suspect. We now know much more about...


22 years ago by Linda Gruno
A generation of English blues rockers, including Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, John Mayall, Mick Jagger and Jimmy Page, have acknowledged that guitarist/vocalist Otis Rush has provided them with divine musical inspiration. But Rush, who's 61, is not the type to crow about the influence he's had on so many stars...

The Four Worst Football Players Turned Musicians — and Terry Bradshaw

8 months ago by Andy Thomas
In honor of the upcoming Super Bowl, and AFC CHAMPIONS the Denver Broncos, we want to take a timeout to reflect on the strange phenomenon of professional athletes making the decision to test whether their athletic prowess transfers to a career in music. While we are not saying that athletes...

Stoner Hill Is a Refuge for Young Homeless and an Eyesore for Neighbors

10 months ago by Andrew Kenney
The regulars on Stoner Hill tell legends about the place. They say the gentle mound’s grassy curve conceals garbage or haunted graves — maybe both. It’s the kind of spot discussed with some reverence in boxcars and squats across the country’s traveling circuits. Even Google Maps can pinpoint Stoner Hill...

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in October

1 year ago by Byron Graham
Although the blockbuster comedy lineup of September 2015 may be difficult to beat in terms of star-wattage, October's offerings deliver just as many laughs per minute. Halloween giggle treats abound this month, and everyone from cinephiles to political wonks to '90s nostalgists can find a show fancy enough to tickle. Among our to...

Meet the 2014 MasterMinds: Eric Dallimore of Leon Gallery, visual arts

3 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Westword has always covered the local arts scene. But ten years ago, we recognized that if the arts were really going to grow in those town, they could use some some fertilizer in the form of cold, hard cash. And so we created the MasterMind Awards, which every year gives...

Nine Truths Cut From Straight Outta Compton, the N.W.A Movie

1 year ago by Amy Nicholson
"You could make five different N.W.A movies. We made the one we wanted to make." That's director F. Gary Gray during an audience Q&A after a recent screening of Straight Outta Compton, the long-awaited N.W.A movie. In our review, Amy Nicholson writes that there's much more to the group's story:...


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