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Erik Tieze
Thom Paine: based on nothing
Modern Muse Theatre Company

Thom Paine: based on nothing is a very odd play, a sort of bubble held together by a skin of words, and at its center is a single performer who keeps inventing and reinventing himself, creating varying personae out of phrases, cliches, story fragments and bits of stage business. How...

Nothing Doing

9 years ago by Erin Vanderberg
Have you ever looked up "nothing" on Wikipedia? It's a six-part entry. Similarly, the enormously popular Seinfeld was a sitcom about nothing, yet ran for nine seasons. Today, Will Eno's Pulitzer finalist, Thom Pain (based on nothing) opens at the Bug Theatre. Clearly, there is something to this nothing. The...

Season's Bleatings

16 years ago by Jim Lillie
Its title is a clever play on Tantalus, the high-priced Greek epic that effectively displaced the Denver Center's annual presentation of A Christmas Carol, but theatreMEDINA's Santaless: The Twelve Plays of Christmas proves to be a collection of aimless skits worth considerably less than its $20 admission. Haphazardly constructed and...


Christopher Selbie is a lot older than any Hamlet I've ever seen, and he's more manic-depressive than melancholic. But if his performance is quirky, it's also remarkable--and it turns the Compass Theatre Company's production of Shakespeare's Hamlet, though uneven and clunky in places, into an oddball victory. Hamlet has been...

Stage Rites

19 years ago by Jim Lillie
Plays about the theater have enjoyed a healthy success for at least 2,500 years, ever since Greek dramas were followed on the day's bill of fare by comedies that made fun of the serious action preceding them. Somehow, audiences never tire of listening to the lamentations of people paid to...


"It's hard being easy," remarks the prostitute in Erik Tieze's new one-act, Motherlode, the first--and best--of three works by Colorado playwrights in the Changing Scene Theater's Summerplay: Series 2. She's wryly describing her own workload, of course. But the line also sums up the predicament faced by the play's characters:...

Thom Pain (based on nothing)

9 years ago by Juliet Wittman
As I was going up the stairI met a man who wasn't there.He wasn't there again today.I wish, I wish he'd go away. Thom Pain (based on nothing) is a strange, hour-and-some-long monologue. It contains passages about both a sad little boy and a failed love affair, and some viewers...

Show Buzz

16 years ago by Jim Lillie
What role does the artist play in a world that equates fame with ability? Are creative types required to defer to the paying public's likes and dislikes? Or are they duty-bound to subvert and question convention, no matter what the cost? Despite some rough going early on, those questions ultimately...


In playwright Keith Reddin's Nebraska, even peacetime military life can be hell. And this Industrial Arts production leaves the viewer drained as Reddin delves into the loneliness, insecurities and futile adulteries plaguing the lives of his characters. The world these people inhabit is fraught with tension, fear and the terrible...


What is real? What is illusion? Hunger Artists Ensemble Theatre poses these questions in its presentation of Tony (Angels in America) Kushner's adaptation of French playwright Pierre Corneille's miraculous L'illusion Comique. Kushner's brilliant update of the 1636 play, redubbed The Illusion, is funnier and more relevant to a contemporary audience...


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