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Beer Calendar: Your Cup of Fresh-Hop Beers and Oktoberfests Runneth Over

11 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
Beer recalls are never fun — for the brewery or the beer drinker — particularly when it's a brewery's best-selling beer. But earlier this week, Left Hand Brewing in Longmont had to issue a recall for certain batches of Milk Stout Nitro because of a yeast strain that was changing...

Beer Calendar: Don't Miss Tappings at Upslope, Cerebral, Wit's End, Renegade

18 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
What do you get when you combine home brews, entrepreneurship and charity? The answer is Colorado Startup Brews, a quintessentially Colorado networking event. Here's how it works: Participating startup companies each home-brewed a beer that was then judged last month by numerous beer experts, writers and credentialed beer judges (including...

Beer Calendar: Tappings at TRVE, Dry Dock, Wit's End, Cerebral, Grandma's

25 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
While breweries might argue over whether bottles or cans are better for packaging beer, two of the companies that make rival packaging equipment are joining forces. Meheen Manufacturing, a well-respected, two-decade-old Washington-based maker of craft-beer bottling lines, and Wild Goose Canning, the Boulder canning-line upstart, have merged into one business...

Homeless Sweeps: Lawyer Prepares Class-Action Suit Against Denver

1 month ago by Chris Walker
Ever since the March 8 and 9 sweeps of homeless encampments near the Denver Rescue Mission, the city has engaged in a sustained crackdown on uprooted and displaced individuals throughout the city. These actions have been documented by “camping ban” statistics kept by the Denver Police Department, as well as...

Bill Armstrong Dies: Conservative Ex-CO Senator Was Loved, Hated, Kicked Ass

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
You don't have to look far to see the long-term impact former Colorado Senator Bill Armstrong, who died of cancer yesterday at age 79, has had on the local and national political scene. Note that Friday's Western Conservative Summit, at which presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had a very...

Nine Things the Rockies Can Do to Start Winning Again

6 months ago by Teague Bohlen
The folks at Coors Field announced last month that they were raising their outfield fences by a significant amount, both to normalize the home-run record in the field and to prevent so many teams from scoring on the poor Rockies by way of the long ball. Clearly, this is an...

Photos: Chefs Compete at Colorado Ag Day

6 months ago by Cafe Society
In honor of National Ag Day on March 16, representatives of the Colorado Ag Council came to the State Capitol, where they provided plenty of food for thought about the role agriculture plays in the state's economy — and also provided lunch for lawmakers and other officials, including Governor John...

Guess Which 6 of These Denver Buildings Are Officially Historic and Which 6 Aren't

8 months ago by Bree Davies
Everyone knows that the Molly Brown House is a historic landmark in Denver: In fact, the fight to save the Victorian structure from demolition led to the creation of Historic Denver in 1970. But just because a building is old doesn't mean it's an official historic landmark in this city;...

Beer Calendar: A Stout Month Storm, Melvin's 2x4 Day, and TRVE Brews

8 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
The 23rd annual Stout Month kicked off this week at the Vine Street Pub & Brewery in Denver and at the rest of the Mountain Sun Pubs group's breweries and restaurants in Boulder and Longmont. The yearly tradition has continued to grow over the years and there are now a...

The Twelve Most Essential Songs About Colorado: Part Two

12 months ago by Brad Weismann
Last time, we listened to half a dozen great, if sometimes strange, songs with Colorado connections. Our state seems particularly to inspire mishaps involving musicians – not to mention terrifying crimes such as the 2005 shooting of Marc Cohn during a carjacking attempt in Denver. It’s a long, long list,...


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