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Marijuana Is Legal in Colorado — But Only If You're a U.S. Citizen

12 days ago by Joel Warner
Claudia didn’t think anything was wrong when United States Customs and Border Protection agents flagged her for an in-depth security screening after the early-morning flight from her native Chile landed at Los Angeles International Airport early on October 8, 2015. “It’s normal,” she says. “Sometimes the officers review people.” Besides,...

Taking a Knee: Colorado Author Avi Admires Colin Kaepernick’s Social Stance

13 days ago by Patrick Flanary
When Colin Kaepernick takes a knee during the national anthem tonight, before the 49ers play the Rams in San Francisco, it will be the quarterback’s first such protest during the regular season. Since last month, Kaepernick’s stance against oppression and inequality has both empowered and outraged Americans over what constitutes...

The Ten Best Film Events in Denver in September

24 days ago by Keith Garcia
Here it comes, the crisp chill of September, when shorts during the day give way to hoodies and pants at night. The air conditioning in your local movie house will be turned off, and a warm bucket of popcorn will keep your fingers toasty and buttery. In no time at...

Great American Beer Festival Week 2016: Calendar of Amazing Events

26 days ago by Jonathan Shikes
Get ready to welcome back to the most wonderful week in Denver, a time when people from all over the country — and the world — descend on the Mile High City to drink beer together. The Great American Beer Festival will return for its 35th iteration October 6 through...

Cannabis Calendar: Federal Judge Considering Marijuana Banking Case Today

9 months ago by Thomas Mitchell
One of legal marijuana's biggest hurdles will be discussed this morning as a federal judge considers a Colorado credit union's arguments for allowing marijuana banking services. Fourth Corner Credit Union, which was "constructed from the ground up to serve the interests of the legalized cannabis and hemp industries and their supporters,"...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Mike Giant

2 months ago by Susan Froyd
Graffiti purist, occasional tattoo artist, REBEL8 clothing designer and fine artist Mike LeSage, better known to the world as Mike Giant, came of age in the Albuquerque skateboard culture, a milieu he absorbed into his professional life. In the Shepard Fairey mold, he leads a double creative life, leaving his...

Long Before (and Probably Long After) Pokemon Go, There Was the Pokefreak

2 months ago by Dara Miles
Twenty years after Pokémon took the world by storm, the cute pocket monsters are back in the spotlight with Pokémon Go, an enhanced reality game for smart phones. This apparent resurrection of a '90s fad comes as a sly surprise to many — it’s been a long, long time since...

Detained Immigrants in Aurora and Their Families Find a Home at Casa de Paz

3 months ago by Chris Walker
Jose Cruz-Hernandez knew very little about where he was, aside from the fact that he was in a city named Aurora. He’d never been to the state of Colorado before, and yet suddenly he found himself blinking into the bright Colorado sunshine for the first time, the Rocky Mountains posing...

The Ten Best Fashion Events in Denver in July

3 months ago by Mauricio Rocha
July promises to be a scorcher — and we're talking about fashion, not the heat. Colorful bursts of fashion are popping all over the city, like fireworks. Following are ten fashion events that will light up your night this month, in chronological order.  10. Denver Design Week Launch Party 7...

The Fourteen Most Promising New Restaurants of 2016 — So Far

3 months ago by Westword
We're halfway through 2016 and new restaurants keep piling up (there were 23 openings in June alone). Great eateries have popped up everywhere from Lyons to the southern suburbs, so it's not just central Denver that's experiencing the boom — and that's great news for residents of outlying neighborhoods and...


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