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Why the Planes Mistaken for Stars comeback is so important

2 years ago by Oakland L. Childers
Planes Mistaken for Stars was one of Denver's most beloved punk bands, as respected around the country as it was here at home. After a seven-year hiatus, the band returned with a West Coast tour. In this week's music feature, now posted on the Backbeat blog, Oakland Childers explains why...

Planes Mistaken for Stars Returns With First Record in a Decade

30 days ago by Oakland L. Childers
It’s been a decade since Planes Mistaken For Stars last released a record, but little things have kept the band on the minds of its old friends and fans in its adopted city. For nearly ten years, the band called Denver home, recording the bulk of its vaunted catalog while...

Why You Shouldn't Sleep on the First Day of Riot Fest

22 days ago by Oakland L. Childers
If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a hundred times: Don’t sleep on the first day of Riot Fest. Skip school. Quit your job. Bail on that family vacation. Whatever you have to do, it’s always worth it. The 2016 edition of this annual punk/rock/metal melee was no exception...
Best Of Winner

Best Farewell Show

Planes Mistaken for Stars
Marquis Theater
February 16, 2008

While we all knew it was coming, few of us had actually braced for the inevitable crash when Planes Mistaken for Stars finally went down. And as we watched one of Denver's truly great bands disintegrate in midair, it was difficult to shake the feeling of utter helplessness. Whoever said...

The Oral History of Denver DIY Space the Yellow Bordello

5 months ago by Andy Thomas
In late 2005, a group of musicians moved into a house at 2155 Franklin Street, blocks from Five Points. The neighborhood, once called the "Harlem of the West" for its thriving jazz scene, had changed a lot by this time, and there were cheap (if neglected) spaces for the young,...

Planes Mistaken for Stars is back

2 years ago by Oakland L. Childers
Gared O'Donnell is back in Denver now. He wants a cigarette badly, but with six smoke-free months under his belt, he's keeping his cool and just enjoying being back in the city he loves, despite occasional cravings. He even ran a half-marathon a little over a month ago. "I no...

Planes Mistaken for Stars

10 years ago by Dave Herrera
Mercy, Planes Mistaken for Stars' sixth release in as many years and its debut on the Abacus imprint, is every bit as caustic and brooding as anything the act has ever done -- only more primal, focused and terrifyingly intense. Thanks to the stripped-down production of Matt Bayles, the serrated...

Lion Sized have hearts like, well, lions

8 years ago by Dave Herrera
It's been said that the mark of a truly great band is the ability to deliver the same caliber performance in front of virtually nobody as you would for a crowd of thousands. Gared O'Donnell from Planes Mistaken for Stars didn't just subscribe to this notion, he lived it. Emily...

Why reunited Denver punk legend Planes Mistaken for Stars has aged so well

2 years ago by Tom Murphy
When Planes Mistaken for Stars made its return to Denver over the weekend after a long break, it attracted an assemblage of old fans and new. This included some people you don't much see at shows anymore -- a true testament to the enduring impact of Planes. There wasn't a...


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