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Sledge Hammer

8 years ago by Jessica Centers
Gary Pera had been whitewater sledging for several years near his home in New Zealand when he met a girl from Aspen, Colorado. “A woman enticed me over here, and we decided to check out the rivers,” Pera explains. “I didn’t even know there was a ski resort, but I...

Spin Cycle

15 years ago by Michael Roberts
The Denver Post has gotten a lot of attention from public officials lately. And much of it has been far from positive. Examples? On March 5, the paper published a letter written by state senator Ed Perlmutter, who condemned a February 26 Post editorial lambasting an amendment he'd put forward...

Adding Insult to Injury

13 years ago by Stuart Steers
Many people would say that Pinnacol Assurance is a Colorado success story. Benson Von Feldt would disagree. Von Feldt has spent the last three years fighting Pinnacol, his employer's workers' compensation carrier. A hardworking man well into his fifties, Von Feldt had been employed at a greenhouse in northern Colorado...


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