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75 years ago today, Colorado's Glenn Morris was in Hitler's Olympics

5 years ago by Nick Lucchesi
The 1936 Olympic games in Berlin actually turned out to be Jesse Owens' Olympics, thank you, but the Führer oversaw the opening ceremonies, held 75 years ago today. And Colorado's ranch-born Glenn "The Simla Sensation" Morris won the decathlon that year and turned down $500,000 from the Nazis to appear...

Why Was Glenn Frey Always Wearing CU T-Shirts?

8 months ago by Katie Moulton
Glenn Frey, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the Eagles, died on Monday. Frey and the Eagles are deeply associated with the culture of the American West Coast of the 1970s due to their centrality to the country-rock scene that emerged from Los Angeles at that time, as well...

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Confirms That the Movies Don't Get Tina Fey

7 months ago by Melissa Anderson
The title of Glenn Ficarra and John Requa’s strained dark comedy, in which the War in Afghanistan serves as the backdrop to an American woman’s self-actualizing journey, is the military phonetic-alphabet rendering of WTF. The mild Islamophobia and highly questionable casting choices in the film call to mind other texting...

Jim Carrey gives the best performance of his career in I Love You Phillip Morris

6 years ago by Melissa Anderson
It's taken almost two years for the bonkers, exhilarating same-sex romantic comedy I Love You Phillip Morris to finally reach theaters. Premiering at Sundance in January 2009, the movie was a near-casualty of nervous-nellie U.S. Distributors — more comfortable with innocuous gay genres like the homosexual weepie or the martyr...

Columbus Day Parade Tomorrow Could Lack the Traditional Protests

2 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Colorado was the first state to make Columbus Day an official holiday, in 1907. The federal government soon followed suit, and on Monday, state and federal offices will be closed to to mark the day, which will be celebrated with a Columbus Day Parade tomorrow. But while that parade was...

How DeVotchKa's Nick Urata Is Making His Mark on Hollywood

2 years ago by Jon Solomon
In addition to fronting DeVotchKa, singer and guitarist Nick Urata has composed music for close to two dozen films over the past decade. But he’s never worked on a project as big as Paddington.He spent nearly three months in London composing music for the film, which stars Nicole Kidman and...

Columbus Day protests: not like last year's

8 years ago by Michael Roberts
Russell Means. Columbus Day protests are an annual staple in Denver. But Saturday's drizzly, arrest-free version was a calmer-than-usual affair, since folks like Glenn Spagnuolo decided in advance to dial down the confrontation for fear of overtaxing lawyers up to their necks in post-Democratic National Convention-related casework. But those who...

Columbus Day parade is quiet: Goodbye, Columbus protests?

4 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Colorado was the first state to make Columbus Day an official holiday, in 1907. And today, state offices will be closed to mark what remains a holiday -- and was celebrated with a Columbus Day Parade Saturday. But that parade didn't inspire the protests that have been regular sights over...

Transform Columbus Day Trial Begins

9 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
The trial began Wednesday against three people, Glenn Morris, Julie Todd and Koreena Montoya, who were arrested on October 6 and charged with blocking the annual Columbus Day Parade. Charges against a fourth anti-Columbus Day agitator, Russell Means, were dismissed by a Denver County Court Judge (eliciting a cheer from...

Video: Flash mob planned today at Denver Canadian Consulate
 support of First Nations

4 years ago by Sam Levin
In what may be Denver's last protest of 2012, a flash mob is gathering this morning at the Canadian Consulate by the 16th Street Mall in support of Theresa Spence, the chief of the Attawapiskat First Nation, who has been on a hunger strike for more than twenty days. For...


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