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Art-House Grind Goat Exposes the Obvious: College Hazing Sucks

4 days ago by Melissa Anderson
Pasolini’s Salò meets red Solo cups in Goat, Andrew Neel’s deep, dank dive into the depravities of frat pledging that operates as its own kind of hazing ritual. Points are made and lessons imparted with all the subtlety and finesse of a Greek paddle to the head. Based on Brad...

Diva Watch 2016: Meet Denver's Best Drag Queen, Felony Misdemeanor

3 months ago by Keith Garcia
In Diva Watch, we profile the passionate, diverse and fascinating performers who light up Denver's drag community, expanding on our Diva Dozen list from 2015 and our new Freshest Faces list for 2016 by asking different queens — from established to ingénue — questions that take a peek beneath the...

Divisive Rep Gordon Klingenschmitt Announces Run for State Senate

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
In the wake of controversial comments by Representative Gordon Klingenschmitt that appeared to politicize the womb-cutting attack on Michelle Wilkins in Longmont, at least one group, ProgressNow Colorado, called for him to resign. The organization is getting something close to its wish in one way, but definitely not when it...

Chef Nicholas Ames on Luck, Beets and a Golden Opportunity at Abejas

6 months ago by Gretchen Kurtz
You never know when your luck’s going to change. But with the benefit of hindsight, Nicholas Ames, executive chef at Abejas, which opened last year in Golden, can pinpoint the moment when his life took a turn for the better. It wasn’t when he succeeded John Broening as executive chef...
Best Of Winner

Best Sports Team — College

University of Colorado men's basketball

Not long ago, CU was regarded as a football school. Now that tradition lies not just broken, but shattered. So thank goodness for the men's basketball team. In the past few years, the hardwood Buffs have grown from surprising upstarts into a consistent squad whose members absolutely expect to be...

Ralena Gordon documents mental institutions in The Empty Places

5 years ago by Shaughnessy Speirs
With their red-brick walls and stone turrets, many of America's mental hospitals look eerily like sanctuaries. Some of these facilities genuinely endeavored to do good. Others have darker histories, belied by the elegance of the architecture. In The Empty Places, a photo collection and soon-to-be-produced documentary, Ralena Gordon tries not...

Poet Noah Eli Gordon on his wild new collection, The Year of the Rooster

3 years ago by Robin Edwards
Noah Eli Gordon's newest book is hard to pin down. And why would you want to? The Year of the Rooster, out now on Ahsahta Press, is best understood through experience rather than painstaking analysis. It's wild and flowing, playing with gender pronouns, musical imagery, and poetic forms to create...

Neil Feather Returns to Denver With His World-Famous Homemade Instruments

12 months ago by Tom Murphy
Neil Feather will be returning to perform his first Denver show in twenty-five years tonight, October 6, at the Mercury Café. Opening will be local avant-garde improv act Animal / object. This time around, Feather will be performing with Roso Langabeer in their duo, Two To Tutu Too. Feather became...

Chef & Tell: Matt and Carrie Stein Talk Seafood at the Chowder Room

1 year ago by Mark Antonation
Two teenagers became high-school sweethearts in Westchester County, New York, a few decades ago — but as happens with most young romances, they drifted apart. So how is it that years later, the two wound up running a seafood restaurant together in Denver? For Matt and Carrie Stein, owners of...

Peter Yarrow on the Importance of Folk Festivals

1 year ago by Andy Thomas
Saying that Peter Yarrow was influential in folk music would be a profound understatement. Yarrow, due at this weekend's Rocky Mountain Folks Festival in Lyons, might be one of the most important figures in the genre and his impact can be felt across music of all kinds. A founding member...


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