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Art-House Grind Goat Exposes the Obvious: College Hazing Sucks

4 days ago by Melissa Anderson
Pasolini’s Salò meets red Solo cups in Goat, Andrew Neel’s deep, dank dive into the depravities of frat pledging that operates as its own kind of hazing ritual. Points are made and lessons imparted with all the subtlety and finesse of a Greek paddle to the head. Based on Brad...

Long Before Colorado Legalized Pot, It Was the Country's Glue-Sniffing Capital

3 months ago by Gregory Daurer
Paul Thompson had a forged note from his mother in hand, authorizing him to purchase model-airplane glue. The preteen presented the phony document to the man behind the counter of the drugstore at West Alameda Avenue and South Federal Boulevard, who then sold Thompson his ration of two tubes. Once,...

Twelve Essential Scrooges to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

9 months ago by Brad Weismann
Why do we love A Christmas Carol so much that we see it again and again, year after year? It’s an annual pageant of redemption that gives us a villain we get to boo, and a reformed soul we get to cheer. Scrooge stands in for our guilty and regretful...

Chef & Tell: Matt and Carrie Stein Talk Seafood at the Chowder Room

1 year ago by Mark Antonation
Two teenagers became high-school sweethearts in Westchester County, New York, a few decades ago — but as happens with most young romances, they drifted apart. So how is it that years later, the two wound up running a seafood restaurant together in Denver? For Matt and Carrie Stein, owners of...

Justin Wilson, R.I.P.: Racing Stars Salute Late Longmont-Based IndyCar Driver

1 year ago by Michael Roberts
Longmont resident Justin Wilson is a big-time IndyCar series driver — a member of the Andretti Autosport team who's been making his mark on open-car racing for well over a decade. And right now, he's fighting for his life. Wilson, a native of Sheffield, England, was critically injured during a competition at...

Fulcrum Publishing Brings Comic Relief to Classrooms

1 year ago by Jamie Siebrase
As a kid, Bob Baron would read all the cartoons he could find in the newspapers on the coffee table in the family room. His dad was a journalist, and there were always a few lying around. With the speed of the Flash, he’d consume Walt Kelly’s satirical strip “Pogo,”...

2015 Stanley Film Festival Announces Creepy Film Lineup and More Spectral Guests

2 years ago by Keith Garcia
Our Ouija board startling rattling good and early this morning with another transmission from beyond. Following an earlier first wave release earlier, the spirits were revealing much of the program for the 2015 Stanley Film Festival, taking place April 30 through May 3 at the historic and haunted Stanley Hotel in...

Eleven Famous Musicians Who Recently Moved to Colorado

2 years ago by Tom Murphy
With the legalization of cannabis for recreational use starting January 1, 2014, Colorado has become a destination for touring bands. However, a steady stream of artists have been moving to the state for years. Some seem to use it purely as a base of operations, but some have engaged with...

The 8 best concerts in Denver from March 24 to March 27

3 years ago by Backbeat
Novelty had its moment in hip-hop; vision had its moment; abstraction had its moment. But thanks in no small part to Top Dawg Entertainment and its star, Kendrick Lamar, good old fashioned high-quality rapping is once again the standard of the day. And now, K.Dot's longtime running mate Schoolboy Q...

Brandon Summers of the Helio Sequence on the unlikely influence of Frank Sinatra on the band

3 years ago by Tom Murphy
Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel formed the Helio Sequence in Beaverton, Oregon, in 1999. On their first few releases, the duo created vividly realized, playfully psychedelic songs that made a languid, rockist format seem expansive and upbeat, particularly 2001's Young Effectuals, which was like a day-glo-hued daydream of an album...


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