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Comic: When You Could See the Stars at the Gothic — Through Holes in the Ceiling

5 days ago by Karl Christian Krumpholz
Editor's Note: The Denver Bootleg is a series chronicling the history of local music venues by longtime Denver cartoonist Karl Christian Krumpholz. Visit Krumpholz's website to see more of his work...

Titwrench Organizers Create the Music Festival They Want to Attend: All Ages, Inclusive, Experimental

12 days ago by Isa Jones
The first time that Marisa Demarco and her bandmates played the Titwrench music festival, they decided to execute a crazy idea that had been stewing in the back of Demarco’s mind. They planned to build their set around a giant bird sculpture, a kind of parade puppet. At the end,...

Eros and the Eschaton on Forging a Music Scene in Colorado Springs

1 month ago by Tom Murphy
Colorado Springs might not be known for its indie music, but bands like Eros and the Eschaton are trying to change that perception. “The people that are making waves in the Springs music scene are in the Springs intentionally, for the sake of making a scene,” says Eros keyboardist Mitchell...

Clock DVA Is Finding a Renaissance in the New Industrial Era

2 days ago by Tom Murphy
With the recent upswing in popularity of industrial and experimental electronic music with new artists emerging from the older Goth-industrial scene, it seems as though Clock DVA was ahead of the curve when it reactivated in 2008. Groups like Youth Code, BURNING, Troller, All Your Sisters, Curse and Echo Beds draw...

Clarinetist Ben Goldberg Brings His Trio Invisible Guy to His Home Town

2 days ago by Jon Solomon
Clarinetist Ben Goldberg, a Denver native who has been a longtime Bay Area resident, has worked in the avant-garde world heavies like John Zorn, Nels Cline and Myra Melford. He also formed the New Klezmer Trio in 1992, was part of the acoustic chamber group Tin Hat and has led...

The Ten Best Irish Pubs in Metro Denver

4 days ago by Westword Staff
With the impending closing of the Celtic Tavern and Delaney's this weekend, Denverites have one less pub in which to quaff a Guinness and knock back shots of Jameson or Bushmills. In fact, Irish pubs have not fared well this year; we've already lost Katie Mullen's, Wee Katie's and Maloney's...

Reviewed: Water by the Spoonful, Murder Ballad, Suddenly Last Summer (All Closing), Three More

3 days ago by Juliet Wittman
Buntport Theater Company is kicking off the fall season by bringing back Middle Aged People Sitting in Boxes;  the show opens tomorrow. Here's our capsule review of the original production: A clothesline on which tops and bras are hung spans the stage. Other than that, the set consists of four shrouded...

Two Years in the Making, Wheelchair Sports Camp's Debut Album is No Big Deal

4 days ago by Tom Murphy
Wheelchair Sports Camp is finally releasing its debut full-length album No Big Deal. The the album is the band's first may come as a surprise, since WSC has long been one of the most highly regarded acts in Denver. Until now, the group's releases have been self-recorded EPs. Wheelchair's founder and...

Longtime Denver Band Jux County Returns With Signature 'Punktry' Sound

5 days ago by Tom Murphy
Jux County is releasing its first album since 2001’s Junk Country. The new collection of songs, titled Coral, represents the group’s latest phase since it reconvened in 2014, after years of on-and-mostly-off-again live shows as its members focused on projects and life outside the band. Primary songwriter, guitarist and singer...

At Forty Years, Govnr's Park Tavern Is a Neighborhood Sports Bar for the Ages

5 days ago by Sarah McGill
I've spent many a happy hour at Govnr's Park Restaurant & Tavern — most of them when I first moved to Denver. It was the place to be for any girl in her twenties who wanted to hang out with the bros, meet new bros, watch sports, hang out with other...


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