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Adios, Hugo

13 years ago by Melissa Levine
In 1998, a passionate majority of Venezuelans elected a new president. His name was Hugo Chavez, and he was the first leader in generations to come from outside the ruling class. He vowed to redistribute Venezuela's oil wealth and to involve the people intimately in the political process. Openly comparing...

Crossroads Theater in Five Points Is at a Crossroads — Again

3 months ago by Brian Badzmierowski
In 2011, five talented Denver high-school grads dropped out of college after their freshman year and formed a theater troupe. Crossroads Theater, a 105-seat venue on Welton Street then managed by the City of Denver, was the first place to give the group a chance. The city was offering cheap...

Street Fighting Man

10 years ago by Drew Bixby
As the inspiration for the Rolling Stones' 1968 anthem "Street Fighting Man" and a former comrade of the late John Lennon, British Pakistani writer, historian and filmmaker Tariq Ali knows a thing or two about dissent. "Tariq ranks among the foremost critics of U.S. foreign policy," says David Barsamian, founder/director...

Doc watch: Jason Bosch is back... and so is ArgusFest

6 years ago by Susan Froyd
Jason Bosch sees activism as a way of life: The local champion of the great unwashed (and founder of the leftward-facing ArgusFest film series) seems to make no distinction between getting up in the morning and helping his fellow man. When he returned to town a little more than a...

Cybercrime in Denver: We're number eight

7 years ago by Michael Roberts
In the not exactly thrilling 1995 cyber-thriller The Net, Sandra Bullock's character, Angela Bennett, reveals that she was raised in La Junta -- a community whose name she pronounces as if she were Hugo Chavez. Little did Bennett know, however, that her hometown would share a state with a nexus...

Flick Pick

13 years ago by Bill Gallo
This weekend's second annual Golden Film Festival will feature a broad array of Academy Award-nominated short and feature-length documentaries, live-action shorts and animated shorts, as well as a selection of Colorado-made films. Sponsored by the Golden Resource for Education Arts and Theater (GREAT), the festival will be held in the...

From the week of October 9, 2008

"Save Obama!," Patricia Calhoun, October 2 Barack to Basics Were this mural of Barack Obama to depict the same sentiment about John McCain, the city wouldn't have to deal with it. Disciples of the Chosen One would trash it in a heartbeat. Here in the "enlightened" neighborhood of Berkeley, we...

The Skad-father

11 years ago by Saby Reyes-Kulkarni
Rob "Bucket" Hingley has a simple motto: Don't let the bastards grind you down. It's fitting for the longtime champion of ska and leader of the genre's American flagship, the Toasters. Any preconceived notions and prejudices people may harbor against ska, however justified, are thrown out the door the minute...

Das Racist at Casselman's, 11/19/10

6 years ago by Kiernan Maletsky
DAS RACIST With Pictureplane • Hollagramz • DJ Synergy • Kentdub • DJ Nikka T 11.19.10 • Casselman's Bar & Venue It really seemed like the whole thing might fall apart. It was well past midnight. Travis Egedy as Pictureplane, who followed two hours worth of dubstep, started his set...

A Capital Idea

11 years ago by Juliet Wittman
When the Soviet Union fell on Christmas Day 1991, politicians and pundits in the West began insisting that Marxism was dead, that history had proved the theory was bankrupt and led inexorably to misery and oppression. From now on, they said, our world would be shaped by unfettered capitalism, and...


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