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Dear Stoner: How Often Should I Change My Bong Water?

5 days ago by Herbert Fuego
Dear Stoner: How often should I switch out bong water? I’ve heard every day, but that seems like too much. Bassy Dear Bassy: Switching your bong water is like brushing your teeth: There’s no such thing as overdoing it. No one is ever going to hit your sparkling water pipe...

Old Friends, New Friends: Pinegrove Shares Compassion and Camp Songs

2 months ago by Katie Moulton
Last night Denver hosted Pinegrove, the New Jersey-bred indie-rock band whose name you should get used to hearing, as its album Cardinal will no doubt land on many year-end best lists. Yes, it's only July. But Pinegrove offers an American rock that strikes deep and sticks with listeners: a layered...

Yoni & Geti Perform the Final Set of Testarossa in Denver

2 months ago by Tom Murphy
Yoni Wolf and David Cohn have helped to shape and influence the sound of underground hip-hop as we know it. Under their respective creative monikers of Why? and Serengeti, the two artists have collaborated with several other artists on numerous projects. Yoni & Geti is their current joint effort with...

Susan Shawl's Pit Bull-Attack Death Sets Back Breed-Ban Fight, Advocate Says

24 days ago by Michael Roberts
David Edelstein, founder of Team Pit-a-Full, a pro-pit-bull advocacy organization and training service, has been working for years to overturn pit-bull bans in Denver and Aurora. Now, after Conifer resident Susan Shawl was killed in an attack by two terrier-pit bull mixes owned by her son, he sees the battle...

"I Want to F*ck You on the Refrigerator": Attorney Rips College Sex-Report Policies

12 days ago by Michael Roberts
Say you're a male college student accused at the university level of having non-consensual sex with a fellow student. If, according to attorney Andrew Miltenberg, the alleged victim had sent a text immediately before the incident that read, "I want to fuck you on the refrigerator," the message almost certainly...

Cameron Esposito on High Plains, Garry Marshall and Take My Wife

1 month ago by Byron Graham
Cameron Esposito is a zeitgeist-seizing standup comedian who's performed on late-night staples like Conan and The Tonight Show, written regular columns for Vice and The A.V. Club, landed a recurring role on Maron and joined the ensemble cast of the romantic comedy Mother's Day. Esposito also co-hosts the weekly live show Put...

Touring Together, Porches and Japanese Breakfast Serve Pop Music Through Adversity

1 day ago by Tom Murphy
This year, the bands Porches and Japanese Breakfast, two of the most promising pop acts today, released records that evoked moments of significant change in the artists' lives. The bands are currently on tour together in the U.S., which gives audiences a chance to hear excellent material while it's still...

Did Police Actions Reported by Broncos' Brandon Marshall Actually Happen?

2 days ago by Michael Roberts
Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has gotten plenty of attention in these parts and nationally for taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem to highlight racial inequality, social injustice and fatal police shootings — a move taken in solidarity with his former University of Nevada teammate, San...

Kool-Aid Pickles: The Next Big Soul-Food Trend?

2 days ago by Mark Antonation
Adrian Miller knows his soul food and barbecue. He's an accredited barbecue judge and author of Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time, so he doesn't just eat soul food, he studies its history, travels the country talking to professional and home cooks, and...

Two Years in the Making, Wheelchair Sports Camp's Debut Album is No Big Deal

4 days ago by Tom Murphy
Wheelchair Sports Camp is finally releasing its debut full-length album No Big Deal. The the album is the band's first may come as a surprise, since WSC has long been one of the most highly regarded acts in Denver. Until now, the group's releases have been self-recorded EPs. Wheelchair's founder and...


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