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Instagramming Vandal Casey Nocket: I Defaced Rocky Mountain National Park

3 months ago by Michael Roberts
In October 2014, we reported not once but twice about allegations that Casey Nocket had defaced a Rocky Mountain National Park, the Colorado National Monument and a number of other federally protected locations. The evidence was at least partly provided by her. She shared images of her "art" on a now-deleted Instagram...

The Twenty Best Broncos Parade Fan Photos on Instagram

7 months ago by Lindsey Bartlett
There were so many amazing moments captured on social media during the Super Bowl 50 win and subsequent Broncos parade that we just had to share some of the love. Photographers captured kids playing hooky, dogs playing hooky, adults playing hooky... well, you get the picture. Thanks to all of...

Sex and the Super Bowl: #Broncos on Instagram (NSFW)

8 months ago by Michael Roberts
Sex and the Super Bowl have always gone hand in hand. But even we were surprised when we searched for the hashtag #Broncos on Instagram. Yes, plenty of the images pertained directly to the game and players in it, including a pic of Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale displaying her...

Did Police Actions Reported by Broncos' Brandon Marshall Actually Happen?

2 days ago by Michael Roberts
Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall has gotten plenty of attention in these parts and nationally for taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem to highlight racial inequality, social injustice and fatal police shootings — a move taken in solidarity with his former University of Nevada teammate, San...

Twenty-One Insane Murals in RiNo From Colorado Crush 2016

2 days ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Colorado Crush 2016 may be over, but the murals that recently bloomed in the RiNo Art District aren't going anywhere.  Nearly eighty artists made this year's event the most successful ever. Since Crush balances street-art and graffiti, it can sometimes feel as though the event's at odds with itself, given...

Ex-Coach Chris Craig Ups Ante on FoCo Acts Via Threat to Bomb Utah School

5 days ago by Michael Roberts
Chris Craig took center stage in one of 2013's most bizarre stories: The former college basketball coach turned self-proclaimed "Islamic jihadist" was investigated but never arrested for publicly announcing that all Catholics and Mormons in Fort Collins "would be destroyed" over a two-week period. Now, however, Craig, who's previously been treated...

"I Want to F*ck You on the Refrigerator": Attorney Rips College Sex-Report Policies

12 days ago by Michael Roberts
Say you're a male college student accused at the university level of having non-consensual sex with a fellow student. If, according to attorney Andrew Miltenberg, the alleged victim had sent a text immediately before the incident that read, "I want to fuck you on the refrigerator," the message almost certainly...

A Toast to the Epic Dada Madness of The Eric Andre Show

18 days ago by Craig D. Lindsey
Before The Eric Andre Show came along, I always thought acting like a complete lunatic on television was mostly a white-people thing. As a culture, African-Americans generally frown upon the idea of being unabashedly clownish for the masses — black folks call it “showing your ass.” All those years of...

Paradise, Lost: Your Dude-by-Dude Breakdown of the Masculinity Crisis on Bachelor in Paradise

18 days ago by Megan M. Metzger
The Bachelor stands erect as the vanguard of heterosexual romance competitions. Bachelor in Paradise (BIP), whose third season concludes this week, is the sunburnt, daydrunk cousin of the ABC franchise. Set in the Ewok Village on the Planet Endor (the perfect place to fall in love), the summertime distraction stars...

Artist Eli Saragoussi on Nude Modeling, Body Image and Her Instructional Zine

18 days ago by Mariah Taylor
You’re standing in front of a room full of people. They’re all staring at you expectantly. You’re naked, of course, and each set of eyes traces your bare body with studious attention. You move. The eyes follow. Your arms, dangling above your head like tree branches, are beginning to grow...


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