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Reviewed: Women of Abstract Expressionism, Translating Milk Into Milk (Both Closing), More

2 days ago by Michael Paglia
This is a good weekend to get out and see art, with some of this year's big shows nearing the end of their run. Keep reading for capsule reviews of current exhibits in metro Denver.  Closing this weekend: Transforming Milk Into Milk. The handsome Transforming Milk Into Milk, in the...

Twenty Tastiest Events on Denver's Culinary Calendar for September 23-25

2 days ago by Ben Landreth
DISH, Westword's annual celebration of the Denver dining scene, will be dishing up food and fun in Sculpture Park on Sunday. But there are plenty of other events around town where you can whet your appetite for the main course, from Oktoberfest parties to the big DSTILL showcase. Keep reading...

Three Things to Do for Free in Denver, September 19-22

6 days ago by Alex Brown
Let's get out of the house, connect, learn a thing or two and enjoy. This week we're talking with international artists in abandoned spaces, architects building new places, and podcasters when you can see their faces. Check out the Westword calendar to pepper the rest of your week with good times. ...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Stephanie Kantor

5 days ago by Susan Froyd
#62: Stephanie Kantor Ceramics are the foundation of incoming RedLine resident artist Stephanie Kantor’s magical carpet ride through a history of the decorative arts, which she references in culture-crossing installations. A Pennsylvania native who landed at the University of Colorado Boulder as an MFA candidate, Kantor is a Black Cube...

Denver Can Sweep the Homeless – but It Can't Sweep Away the Evidence

5 days ago by Chris Walker
Early on the morning of July 13, police officers arrived en masse at Confluence Park, as expected — only there were a lot more of them than seemed necessary. This was the moment that members of the advocacy group Denver Homeless Out Loud were waiting for; they wanted to document...

Reviewed: Expanding the Dialogue, Stephen Batura, Ana Maria Hernando and More

9 days ago by Michael Paglia
This is your last chance to see Drawing Never Dies at RedLine, which closes at 7 p.m. today, August 5. Keep reading for my capsule review of that show, as well as other exhibits you can still catch along the Front Range. — including Performance on Paper, which I review...

Oliver Stone's Snowden Is a Somber, Conventional Study of Bringing Secrets to Light

12 days ago by Bilge Ebiri
Set aside your visions of histrionic, paranoid fireworks. Oliver Stone’s whistleblower biopic Snowden finds the director in an unusually somber and controlled mood, perhaps because of the introverted, awkward nature of Edward Snowden himself. The former CIA employee and National Security Agency contractor, who in 2013 exposed the U.S. government’s...

Would a Minimum Wage Hike to $12 by 2020 Help Colorado?

12 days ago by Kyle Harris
What would happen if in November Colorado voters passed Amendment 70, opting to raise the minimum wage from $8.31 to $12 an hour by 2020? The state's economy would grow. That's according to the new study "The Impact of a $12.00 Minimum Wage on Women in Colorado," from the University...

100 Colorado Creatives 3.0: Peter Mortimer

12 days ago by Susan Froyd
#63: Peter Mortimer Boulder filmmaker, entrepreneur and adventurer Peter Mortimer brings the mountains to the screen with Sender Films, the production company he founded that specializes in breathtaking mountaineering docs. In the Colorado spirit, Mortimer then diversified to co-found the REEL ROCK Film Tour with Big Up Productions, now in its...

Developer Jonathan Rose on The Well-Tempered City, Testing Ideas in Denver

16 days ago by Margaret Jackson
Cities in a rapidly urbanizing world are facing a plethora of challenges: climate change, natural resource depletion, population growth, income inequality and education and health disparity. By 2080, cities will be home to 80 percent of the world’s population, straining the resources of America’s urban centers even further. In his book...


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