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George Martin, R.I.P.: Our Lost Interview With the Beatles Producer

7 months ago by Michael Roberts
Sir George Martin, who's died at age ninety, had a full, rich and varied life in music. But he will forever be known as the man who produced the vast majority of recordings by a little pop combo known as the Beatles. As such, Martin helped capture some of the very...

The Seven Best Restaurant Comeback Stories of 2015

9 months ago by Mark Antonation
We all love the shiny and new, but sometimes the patina of nostalgia adds value to what might otherwise seem like just a trendy novelty. Restaurants are no different; if we recognize the name of the chef or if one of our old favorites finds new life in a new...

The Ten Best Eateries on West 32nd Avenue

12 months ago by Linnea Covington
Every time we turn around it appears something new is popping up on West 32nd Avenue, from West Highland to LoHi. With options including Detroit-style pizza, small-batch ice cream and epic sandwiches, anything you might want to eat can be found on this mile-and-a-half stretch. While it's hard to pick...

DINK Creates a Place to Celebrate Independent Comics

1 year ago by Cory Casciato
Denver’s geeky convention scene is busy, averaging a little more than one con a month. As full as the con calendar is, there’s always room for one more, especially when it sports the pedigree of DINK, or the Denver Independent Comic and Art Expo. Helmed by the same duo that...

28 of Denver's Most Anticipated Bar and Restaurant Openings

2 years ago by Mark Antonation
Denver's fast-paced growth means the restaurant industry is still at full sprint trying to keep up with demand.Last year was one of the biggest year's in the city's history for sheer volume of restaurant openings, as well as variety, and it looks like 2015 will see, if not the quantity...

Every New Colorado Concert Announcement

2 years ago by Jon Solomon
After selling out its June 6 Pepsi Center show earlier this week, U2 added a second show on Sunday, June 7 as part of its iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour 2015. Tickets ($65-$275) go on sale on Monday, March 30 at 10 a.m.  Swallow Hill announced its Summer Stage Concert Series at the...

The Ten Best Comedy Events in Denver in February

2 years ago by Byron Graham
By the time February settles in, Denverites have already plowed through their Netflix queues and ordered from every restaurant within their delivery radius, so by now everyone is ready to face facts and brave the dreadful climate for a chance to get out of the house. Between its centerpiece romantic holiday, historical significance and the odd leap year, February is a month for going about one's business and pretending bot to be miserable. However, since nothing salves the weary valves quite like a truly hilarious joke, Westword has compiled a list of fancy-tickling comedy shows to keep readers giggling all throughout this short, bleak month. With a flourishing of new local shows, visits from comedy legends of past and present and even a smattering of Valentine's Day themed entertainment, there are more reasons than ever to spend the winter laughing in the dark with strangers, trying to forget how lonely we all are.

Jeff, who lives at home, is a slacker who wants to stand tall

5 years ago by Brian Miller
It's obvious that Jason Segel has a face for comedy. He's got a lumpy, sad-sack mug with a dozen inflections to register disappointment, confusion and self-doubt. But as the basement-dwelling hero in the Duplass brothers' new quest movie, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Segel works his entire posture for laughs...

The Trends That Drove Denver Restaurant Openings in 2014

2 years ago by Mark Antonation
This was a year of big changes. I went from writing a weekly blog post about Federal Boulevard to covering the Denver food scene every day as a full-time job -- and there has been plenty to cover. I was lucky enough to land the gig in the middle of...

JonBenet Ramsey: How the Investigation Got Derailed -- and Why It Still Matters

2 years ago by Alan Prendergast
Bad news often comes in the night. It arrives in a whirl of dread and confusion, like a drunk trying to get into the wrong house, shattering the pre-dawn silence and bursting our dreams. When Priscilla White answered the phone at her Boulder home at six in the morning on...


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