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Jeremy Enigk

10 years ago by Tuyet Nguyen
In the mid-'90s, Jeremy Enigk fronted the critically lauded Sunny Day Real Estate. Enigk was an indie god. And then he found God. He took a spiritual exodus, briefly leaving Sunny Day, but later reunited with the often-tumultuous group before it finally dissolved in 2001. During that time, Enigk also...

Over the Weekend...Jeremy Enigk and Damien Jurado @ the Fox Theatre

8 years ago by Dave Herrera
Photo by James Mitchell Evans. Jeremy Enigk and Damien Jurado Saturday, May 24, 2008 Fox Theatre The crowd at the Fox Theatre took the bad news stoically. By bad news I'm referring to here, of course, is the simple songs of heartbreak and woe that Damien Jurado and Jeremy Enigk...

Sunny Day Real Estate reunion tour hits Denver this September

7 years ago by Dave Herrera
By now you've probably heard that Sunny Day Real Estate, one of my all-time favorite bands and an act whose influence can not be overstated, is reuniting and heading out on the road for twenty dates with the original line-up. We just received word that the tour, which kicks off...

The Five Best Reunited Bands Playing Riot Fest

2 years ago by Oakland L. Childers
If music festivals are good for one thing it's seeing great new bands. If they're good for anything else it's seeing bands you used to really like play again after a long hiatus. This year's Riot Fest has a great crop of both new and old acts, so for anyone...

Critic's Choice

13 years ago by Jason Heller
Prometheus, says the myth, stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. For this heinous transgression, he was chained to a rock and forced to listen to an infinite loop of the new Dashboard Confessional album. (Or maybe it was having his liver torn out and eaten by...

Sunny Day Real Estate

17 years ago by Mike Engstrom
The punchy, introspective melodies of Sunny Day Real Estate are often clean and pretty enough that you shouldn't mind playing them for your mother. Yet the band has always maintained enough dark Seattle rain in its sound to wash away the sugar-coating of pure pop. Sunny Day has also cemented...

Sunny Day Real Estate is back on the market

7 years ago by Andy Thomas
The term "emo" didn't always have a negative stigma attached to it. What was once shorthand for music that was emotional and heartfelt has since been marginalized and applied to mainstream acts like My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy. Seattle's Sunny Day Real Estate was at the vanguard of...

Shine On

10 years ago by Dave Herrera
It's impossible to overstate Jeremy Enigk's influence on indie rock over the past decade. Sunny Day Real Estate, the Seattle-based quartet he fronted, was at the vanguard of the mid-'90s emo scene, inspiring countless disciples. With a sound that took the intensity of hardcore and infused it with soaring melodies,...

Last Night: Sunny Day Real Estate at the Ogden Theatre

7 years ago by Tom Murphy
Sunny Day Real Estate, The Jealous Sound Monday, September 21, 2009 Ogden Theater, Denver Better Than: Most of the descendents of this style of music have been. Sunny Day Real Estate's current tour is a bit of a reunion tour for the Jealous Sound from Los Angeles as well. The...

Live Review: Constantines, Ladyhawk and d.biddle at hi-dive

8 years ago by Dave Herrera
Reveling in the man-child simpleness of Lady Hawk (photos by Jim Narcy). Constantines, Ladyhawk, d.biddle Tuesday, July 8, 2008 Hi-Dive Better than: The Springsteen box set. So sometimes a guy is just wrong. No excuses. No buts. The guy is just wrong. I am that guy right now. This very...


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