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Before the Beatles Were Famous/I Remember Jim Morrison Too/Poet Rain Release Event

Experience an uncommonly authentic, first-person perspective on 1960s icons like THE BEATLES and JIM MORRISON via the autobiographical remembrances of author ALAN R. GRAHAM (Before the Beatles...
Off-Broadway: Opening, Rock, Spoken Word & Poetry

Beer Calendar: Good Times at First Draft Taproom, Ratio Beerworks and River North Brewery

2 months ago by Jonathan Shikes
The Boulder-based Brewers Association — the not-for-profit trade group representing craft brewers — said this week that craft beer production volume increased by eight percent during the first half of the year, a slowdown from previous years. But the volume numbers aren't the best indicator of growth since the BA...

Review: The Few Takes You Down the Long, Lonesome Highway of Samuel Hunter

11 months ago by Juliet Wittman
Thanks to the Denver Center Theatre Company’s New Play Summit, we had the privilege of seeing Samuel D. Hunter’s The Whale — which had a reading at the DCTC in 2011 and earned a full production by the company a year later — before it became a major success in...

The Ten Best Restaurants in Denver for Housemade Sausage

5 months ago by Mark Antonation
As food-savvy customers increasingly expect professional kitchens to crank out handmade edibles (rather than outsourcing to specialists), the daily grind of many a Denver chef has grown to include butchering, preparing charcuterie, curing meat and turning ground pork into delicious links. Some make fresh, rustic sausages that are served grilled...

Bargain Hunters

17 years ago by T.R. Witcher
Last November, a task force of state and local police, the FBI and the U.S. Customs Service assembled near Mile High Flea Market for an operation called Flea Powder IV. It was the latest in a twice-yearly sweep to identify counterfeit merchandise and arrest vendors who sell it. The day...

Quentin Tarantino Is About to Drop His Most Unconventional Film in Decades

9 months ago by Amy Nicholson
Here’s a true story about a St. Louis murder that changed America. In 1837, a black freeman named Francis McIntosh stepped off a Mississippi riverboat and blundered into two white cops chasing a drunk sailor who’d called them names. They ordered McIntosh to stop the perp; when he refused, they...

As You Like It Closing, Tribes and The Few Keep on Trucking

11 months ago by Juliet Wittman
The summer theater season is ending, but there are still a few shows to see this weekend. Here are capsule reviews of two productions on local stages this weekend. Relatively Speaking.  Witty, surprising dialogue as tangled and twisty and as continually knotting and unfurling as a ball of wool between...

Hemp: How an HOA ruling is forcing Jim Denny to give away all his plants

2 years ago by Melanie Asmar
Jim Denny has 7,500 square feet of hemp plants and a problem: His homeowners association has found that his plants are a violation of the HOA rules and has ordered him to "replace" them by the end of next week. The reason? The HOA board says that Denny failed to...

WINNER UPDATE! Show Off Your WWF Knowledge and Win Brunch for Two at Central Bistro

1 year ago by Cafe Society
Central Bistro & Bar chef Matt Selby just rolled out the latest iteration of the LoHi eatery's summer menu, which features three new flatbreads and and three new pasta dishes — including hand-rolled tagliatelle — that add more appetizer and primi options for guests. "More than anything, we simply wanted...

Round two with Hunter Pritchett, exec chef of Luca d'Italia

5 years ago by Lori Midson
Hunter Pritchett Luca d'Italia 711 Grant Street 303-832-6600 This is part two of my interview with Hunter Pritchett, exec chef of Luca d'Italia. Part one of my chat with Pritchett ran in this space yesterday. Favorite restaurant in America: I just had an amazing meal at Red Medicine in...


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