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The Swarm Before the Storm

4 years ago by Colin Bane
“Now that some of the ski areas are open and we’re getting our first snows of the season — with more expected this week — we’re right in that rush of anticipation: Winter is here,” says Joan Christensen, spokeswoman for the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Expo, which turns 21 this...

Pedal Pushers

6 years ago by Jef Otte
Whether you require full-body spandex and carbon-fiber everything or just something practical to pedal around on until you get that second DUI sorted out, the Bicycle Village Bike Swap probably has you covered. “It’s sort of a proverbial something-for-everybody,” says spokeswoman Joan Christensen. “I hate that cliché, but it’s true.”...

Skis and Brewskis

5 years ago by Colin Bane
Since 1991, the Colorado Ski & Snowboard Expo has been the go-to event for stocking up on winter gear at discounts of up to 75 percent, as well as grabbing procrastinators’ deals on season passes, ski area four-packs, lesson packages and backcountry adventures. And this year, thanks to the addition...

Ski Bums

8 years ago by Jessica Centers
Ski season’s almost upon us — which, if you’re anything like me, means that you missed Sniagrab, still haven’t bought a season pass, never did upgrade those boots like you meant to last year and have just looked in the closet to find your old ski pants and puffy jacket...

Thirty most memorable women's mug shots of 2012

4 years ago by Michael Roberts
Our annual roundup of the year's most memorable mug shots continues this morning with snaps of women on the wrong side of the law -- and to put it mildly, there was no shortage of them over the course of 2012. Look below to count them down, and be sure...

Just Do It

14 years ago by Julie Dunn
It's the same story every year. Your head is pounding, and your mouth feels like a giant cotton ball. All you want to do is eat a huge, greasy brunch and then lie on the couch watching football all day. But it's the first day of 2003: Go do something!...

Off Limits

15 years ago by Jonathan Shikes
John Denver died in the water -- he crashed his experimental plane into California's Monterey Bay in 1997 -- but he lived in, and for, the mountains. So it's fitting that a group of climbers is now trying to reach, and then scale, the northernmost -- and never-before-climbed -- mountain...

Up the Creek

19 years ago by Tony Perez-Giese
Get ready for a cutthroat battle. The Winter Park ski area wants to build a road on public land along a creek, saying it's needed to evacuate injured skiers. Environmentalists say the unpaved road would be nothing less than a ski trail to some thrilling backcountry runs on the area...

Secret Agents

15 years ago by Patricia Calhoun
Jefferson County just doesn't get the message. When confronted with bad news, Jeffco inevitably decides to kill the messenger rather than contemplate the message. Which, almost as inevitably, is this: Someone screwed up. Again. The most recent screwup involves more leaked documents coming out of the Columbine investigation (the grand-champion...

Downhill to Disneyland

16 years ago by Eric Dexheimer
Every year, the Colorado ski industry looks forward to the three-day Martin Luther King Jr. weekend in January as one of the busiest times of the year. But this past winter, on the Sunday of that holiday-enhanced weekend, the number of skiers on Vail Mountain exceeded even those eager expectations...


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