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In the world's toughest bike race, Justin Simoni rode from disaster to triumph

4 years ago by Alan Prendergast
In the stillness of a summer afternoon, the hours baking away in the clay-oven heat of southwestern New Mexico, Justin Simoni began to wonder if he was done. Done, as in kaput. Finito. Beaten. Done. This was around mile 2,600 of what was alleged to be a 2,745-mile bicycle race...

Reasons to Be Pretty is thick with expletives that still hold meaning

6 years ago by Juliet Wittman
As Reasons to Be Pretty opens, Steph is railing at her lover, Greg. The girl's a spitfire, with a habit of tossing Greg's goldfish into the john when she's angry, but at this moment she's beyond all reason, incandescent with rage, a shrieking, spitting harridan who won't allow the poor...

Cee-Lo Green's inescapably charming (and shamelessly profane) kiss-off tops our playlists

6 years ago by Dave Herrera
As people who think about, talk about, listen to and make music, the most persistent question we encounter is: "What are you listening to right now?" Whether you're looking for recommendations, trying to get a feel for our individual sensibilities, or are just curious, we've compiled a list of all...

Critic's Choice

11 years ago by Jason Heller
Strike up the ticker-tape parade: After almost a year of being lost in space, Thank God for Astronauts is re-entering the atmosphere. Singer/guitarist Kent Phillips, guitarist Alisdair Rich, bassist Steve Jones and drummer Bryan Feuchtinger were last seen on stage together last summer; overwhelmed by outside stress and obligations --...

Mouthing Off

20 years ago by Kyle Wagner
Happy new beer: Foodwise, at least, Thornton doesn't have much going for it--chains already choke 120th Avenue, and more are planned. But Thornton residents can at least drown their sorrows at their first microbrewery, the six-month-old Colorado Brewing Company, at 12160 Pennsylvania Street. This is undoubtedly the strangest location for...

Object Lessons

18 years ago by Michael Paglia
Objects of Personal Significance is a loosely organized theme show that handsomely fills the recently relocated and expanded Center for the Visual Arts on Wazee Street, the LoDo gallery of Metropolitan State College of Denver. The exhibit, which has a too-short five-week run, comprises a traveling section organized by Exhibits...


22 years ago by Arthur Hodges
A renowned physician wooed to University Hospital at great public expense three and a half years ago was barred from practicing medicine at the facility last fall after he was accused of repeated acts of sexual harassment. The hospital then tried to keep details of the case secret from the...


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