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The Twenty Best Tattoo Artists in Denver — 2016 Edition

4 months ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Permanent art, executed meticulously over a lifetime, that touches people and is literally touched by people. A piece of art that ages with you, shows your path and works as a scrapbook to your life. This can only be found in the art of tattooing. Denver has a beautiful and...

Six Best Places to Get Tattooed on Friday the 13th in Denver

5 months ago by Lindsey Bartlett
Tomorrow is Friday the 13th — the only Friday the 13th of the year, so you'd better get your permanent bling while you can. Over the past century, this day that is so taboo in some circles has evolved into an unofficial holiday at American tattoo stores, which often offer...

Cheeky Fun

14 years ago by Juliet Wittman
When Pigs Fly harks back to the days when gay theater was mostly an unabashed celebration of the gay lifestyle and the joys of being out. In the 1960s, Robert Patrick -- who later wrote the acclaimed Kennedy's Children -- was putting on exuberant skits, shows and revues in tiny...

Have Mercer

10 years ago by Michael Roberts
The attendees at the February 15 Shins/Viva Voce concert constituted one of the most polite capacity crowds since the adjective "modern" was first affixed to "rock." Sure, there were plenty of folks who decided to wriggle their way to toward the front of the stage long after they should have,...

High Ground

"I feel like I've lived up my life; the tank is empty," declares an Iraq War Marine veteran who has traveled to Nepal to climb a mountain and—he hopes—find a new beginning for himself. He's joined by nine other Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, plus the mother of a fallen soldier, all of whom bear the scars of war—the kind you...


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