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Inside Mongols, Iron Order MCs Involved in National Western Melee That Killed One

8 months ago by Michael Roberts
A melee between two motorcycle clubs, the Mongols and the Iron Order, at the National Western Complex over the weekend ended with a stabbing and one death and plenty of blame being directed in opposite directions. We don't yet know the identities of everyone involved, including the dead man. But...

"Smoking Dope with All the Pretty Girls": Magic Music Reunite This Weekend for Lee Aronsohn Documentary

10 months ago by Jon Solomon
Long before Lee Aronsohn got into producing and writing for a number of sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men (which he also co-created), he was a student at the University of Colorado Boulder in the early 1970s — and a huge fan of the band Magic...

Viagra for convicted rapists?: Bizarre false claim gets anti-Ed Perlmutter ad yanked (VIDEO)

6 years ago by Michael Roberts
Update: Leslie Oliver, campaign spokeswoman for Ed Perlmutter, says a recent attack ad inaccurately claiming that the 7th District congressman supported supplying Viagra to convicted rapists isn't the first time an outside group called the American Action Network has battered him with a false ad. She stops short of calling...

King's Chef Diner has the best breakfast in Colorado according to Food Network magazine

6 years ago by Jessica Chapman
Food Network magazine just crowned King's Chef Diner in Colorado Springs with the best breakfast in Colorado award in its July/August cover story touting the best breakfasts in the country. It wasn't "The Thing" (The Food Network recently featured "The Thing" in its Outrageous Food show) or "The Grump" --...

Growing Up in Public

18 years ago by Michael Roberts
Last week, Garth Brooks was named Entertainer of the Decade by the Academy of Country Music. But that doesn't mean C&W-loving punk-rocker Mike Ness is suddenly filled with newfound admiration for him. "I can give you a perfect description of how I feel about Garth Brooks," he says, his voice...

Peer Pressure

12 years ago by Jared Jacang Maher
Last week, in a splendid illustration of the intertwined relationship between booze and campus life, the University of Colorado hosted an alcohol-education program at Coors Events Center. When a speaker asked how many people had attended an anti-binge drinking presentation before, everyone in the audience of roughly 700 students raised...


22 years ago by Michael Roberts
Denver's Lonnie Lynn hadn't been planning to make his debut as a rapper. After all, Lynn's game was basketball, not hip hop--and it had been nearly two decades since he'd shot hoops for a living. His son, Rashid, was the Lynn who specialized in rhyming: Operating under the name Common...

No Dicking Around

12 years ago by Robert Wilonsky
The most shocking thing about Kinsey, the first film from writer-director Bill Condon since 1998's Gods and Monsters, is how shocking it actually is. Within the confines of a standard biopic (A Beautiful Dirty Mind, you might call it), Condon refuses to play it straight -- which is only appropriate,...

A House Divided

12 years ago by Laura Bond
Reverend Benjamin L. Reynolds stands at the pulpit in a rhubarb-colored dress shirt, shaking his narrow hips from side to side, ready to get down and dirty. "In the black church," he says, eyes wide, "we sit with the saved and the unsaved. We use our hips and our buttocks...

Through a Glass, Darkly

They'll Drink to That Foam, foam on the range: Denver's long and liquid history. By Patricia Calhoun Before it toasted Denver as the "Drunkest Big City in America," Men's Health studied the number of drunk-driving arrests in the country's 101 largest metro areas, as well as the number of alcohol-related...


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